Hellooo February!

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doesnt it seem like we just started the new year and its already February!? 
crazy!....however by January 24th i was like barely!? and then today i was like oh crap! i gotta do my new month post!
oh, weird Leslie!

im currently watching that stupid show rich kids of beverly hills and uhm.....no. 
i am SO GLAD that i was born to the family that i have and i dont have that mentality that spending $485729384723 on a pair of socks is "totes" okay. 
im glad i know the value of hard work and the feeling of the reward of working for something.....but anyways, enough of that. 

hmm....already the second month of the year (yes, i know, theres still A LOT of time left buuuut..) but i can already tell that 2014 might be the year of calm. 
ive missed out on tickets to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Bruno (in Vegas), Justin Timberlake and Jack Johnson. i guess the good thing is i've already seen them (uhm...wasnt i just thankful i wasnt a spoiled brat!?) Cheetos!

Yesterday was the first Friday of the year that i went out. 
we went to go see That Awkward Moment and i absolutely loved it!
it was a total chick flick from a guys point of view. i seriously thought it was going to be a total comedy but it wasnt and thats what i loveed about it. i just think the name was kind've not fit for the movie.
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for February...hmm....well i cant wait for next weekend. its my lil cousins first birthday party! (she's 5 or 6) im excited for her!!! (:
hopefully its a great month. 
everything's great. everyones good & healthy. cant wish for more
Superbowl is tomorrow, cant wait for that. (mostly, Karen's bbq paaarty! ...oh & bruno mars & red hot chili peppers!!!) 

here's to a good February ahead of us for all! 
have a good rest of your weekend! <3

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