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dogs are truly the best. i just simply love this picture of Miku & Keiko!!
14 Easy Curb Appeal DIY's on BHG
picture from The Picture Mama.
but this link (her website) includes the links to all these wonderful ideas!
makes me want to re-do erm start the renovation in my front yard for the first time!
pop-up wedding in an airstream trailer
pop-up wedding!? whaat! sounds like a cute idea! also, i just want some hunter boots! (:
just gathering ideas for next year!
man, these are some talented women!!!
DIY Ombre Painted Office Supplies
i always want to make something for the ladies at work like bake or something buuuut then they're all "no cupcakes or sweets or anything." so i don't.
but this DIY Ombre Office Supplies idea seems like a good one!
or for any other reason/holiday/birthday!
super cuuuute!
i want to make this!
Valentine Charm DIY //
before i saw the items needed to make this necklace i was like how are they making the words float like that!
haha. but these are super cute!!!
make em and give out for any reason!
DIY Jeweled Heart Sweatshirt
i simply adore Kelly! and this diy sweater of hers! (:
DIY // Eat More Cake
i am a calendar hoarder myself, so this is a great idea! :D
Casual Floral-8
because i simply love everything she wears!

cutest family ever! i swear!!!
and hope!, what a doll! <3



  1. inspiring pictures! i want to dye my hair in red! :)

    1. thank you! (:
      and thank you for taking the time to stop by and read.
      i hope you continue to do soo!

      and red hair is fun... i kinda miss having it but im happy being back to my hair color! (:


thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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