Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple

Isbn: 978-0-316-20427-9
Published: 8/2012
Read from 1/27-30/2014

this was one of those books that i saw on my nook that i was like "oh, okay cool. looks interesting! ill give it a go. buuut not in an e-format" (because why pay $9.99 for something that will die when it can live forever at $14.99!) however, that was what? in late 2012 early 2013? and im just now getting around to it!!?

my mom kicked us out of the house last week on Saturday so my sister and i ended up traveling the world and finished our trip at a barnes & noble. this was one of the first books i laid eyes on!
i was like "yep its going home with me!"

Guys, i cannot stress this enough! (although i guess it depends on what kind of things you like to read!) this book is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
I'm beating myself up for not having read this sooner! seriously. 
I'm also thanking my goldfish kinda brain for forgetting everything because i know in a few years down the line i am going to fall in love all over again. 

so here i am to talk (erm...type) about this awesome book!
as always, there will be spoilers soooo stop (once it says STOP HERE!) otherwise, well, you know!
also, if you feel that my "reviews" (although that's definitely NOT what they are. they're meant to be more of like a "hey les, remember what you read?" kinda thing) are a little bleh....then head on over to this post and read what i think basically a perfect review looks like! i think when my blog grows up, this is what it wants to be like....cant wait for the day. 

okay enough enough!
ahem, without further ado!...

Where'd you go Bernadette is about a mom who goes AWOL right before her family's trip to Antarctica. 

Bernadette and her husband Elgie (huge man over at Microsoft) met and lived in LA for the first couple of years. Bernadette was this hot shot Architect known for her interesting ways to look at something while its being created. 
when they got married, instead of buying a home, they purchased the Beeber Bifocal building and transformed it in to their home.

after that she started The Twenty Mile House. she was to only use what was need with anything that was found within a 20 mile radius. (no going in to Home Depot to buy something made in China either!) strictly local. putting her years ahead of the "going green" game. 

her husband was offered a position in Seattle WA and it was her idea to move over there after her "tragic accident."
that is where they have their daughter Bee "Balakrishna" (i have to check the spelling!). 
she is the smartest thing ever! 
because of her grades (and to get her off the "i want a pony dilemma", her parents granted her one wish if she managed to get all S's in middle school. 

her one wish is to go to Antarctica as a family. 
and things slowly start to unravel...... 

as always, read below for the more detailed facts!
so if you don't want any spoilers....STOP HERE! (and go read the link above where she doesn't spoil anyyything!!!
lets try to do this in the chronological order....i said try because well....what would be the fun in that?

-Bee's real name is Balakrashina (however its spelled!). thats her name because her mother stated that she had to make a decision at the time of birth. however, she named her Balakrashina because of the fact that it is blue. bee was born with a deficiency so when she was born she was born blue. hence the name. Bee for short.
NOTE: Bernadette had had several miscarriages so this was her miracle baby.

- the twenty mile house was destroyed by her neighbor. (i guess you can say this is what pushed her over the edge and drove her crazy.) i wont say why or how it happened. lets keep some mystery between us.

you know what?....SPOILERS OVER. 

I'm trying to think of what else to spoil buuuut i don't want too. 
i really liked this book (despite what that jerk over on goodreads said!...you will know who he is when you see it!) and i kind of don't want to remember it because i want to fall in love again!
what i do want to remember is that this book was HIGHLARIOUS! (from the Simpsons....oh Mr. burns!) 
this book had me laughing from the very beginning. 
i was at work in the lunch room and everyone was like whats wrong with her!

trust me. 
read this book! if there is only one book you read this year...let it be this one!!!
if you've read it let me know what you think!
and if you do read it and don't like it, let me know if i have let you down! (which trust me...i wont! and if i did, ill buy you a donut! with sprinkles! :D) 

thanks for reading. 
already started another book! (:
which happens to be the sequel to a book i read sometime last year that i didn't even know had a sequel! whaaat? 

have a lovely Sunday! (Go SUPERBOWL!) 
-Les <3

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