Brother vs Chester

(picture nabbed from this post!)

i had to share this because i thought it was friggin hilarious!

okay, so when it comes to washing clothes, i dont own anything super fancy that needs to be washed in cold water at a 38 degree angle or anything like that. 
or maybe i do and i just dont care and i just wash it all together. 
whites with whites, darks with darks & grays and colors with white if its not a lot. 

any who, my mom put all of my brothers sweaters to wash (the ones i got him for xmas) along with Chester's (the one he's wearing above!) the night before. my brother, the next morning, goes to the laundry room to get his clothes out of the dryer when he sees Chester's sweater to which he immediately starts freaking out saying "nooo! my sweater! it shruuunk!!!" 
he was in utter shock and despair.

my mom let him believe that for like 5 minutes before telling him

we all died laughing at that that morning. 
oh brother!

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