Sunday hike

i feel like I've been such a bad blogger! but I've just been so busy with school and work that its all aaahhh!!!!
some of the free time i just want to read or sleep. 

I'm soooo behind i have 2 birthdays, one book aaaand its already Wednesday and I'm barely doing my sunday hike post. 

Mk so to it!
this Sunday, carol invited me and Gladys to work out at the beach. 
i know its no hike-ing...but its a work out so it counts!
i loooved it!
i love the beach in the morning and everyone working out! it was a nice day out!

up and down that hill 5 times aaahh!
running on the sand after doing the hill 5 times. 
once we reached our running destination, we came across the doggy beach. 
so many dogs in and out of the water, it blew my mind. (solely because i have to hunt down my dogs just to shower them! so the fact they were going in voluntarily ....ka-bloooom!) 
it was the cutest thing ever and i want to take chonch!
and as always here Gladys and i!
i swear!, i know I'm always taking pictures with this same shirt.  it just so happens that Sunday is my laundry day so i always do laundry after the this shirt is always clean!
ill try to change it up i swear but i just love it!

thanks for reading this little (late) rushed post!
back to work i go!!!

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