Happy Birthday Hailey! ♥

im late, im late, for a very important date!

Happy Birthday Hailey!!!! (Cinderella!)

i wont post the story going in to the party because its funny buuut i cant. 
i dont want to get in trouble!

any who, we celebrated Hailey's birthday 2 (!!!) Saturdays ago! 
it was princess themed (she looves cinderella)
i love that all the little girls got to dress up and whats even better is that my grandma and 2 aunts made all the dresses!!!!
how awesome is that? and i love that all the littel girls were included. super cute!
i unfortunately didnt get to the party until late! :( so i missed almost all of it. 
according to my mom, my cousin Claudia introduced all the princesses along with a prince (see below!) and she had a hoot and a half stating where in the world the princess came from!
i love my family!
i wasnt able to take many pictures and most of the ones here are from Clauds herself (thanks clauds!) so i hope you enjoy!!!
can you believe my grama made these!? :0
this picture just KILLS me!!!
i cant wait til one of em gets married (YES I CAN!!!) solely just to show this picture off! <3 <3 <3
Princess Cinderella with Prince Matt! 
how cute is that!? 
"hailey, you have to put your face in the cake! its tradition!!! here let me put some on your nose!" -my sister!
what a cuuutie!!! i absolutely love her!
and also, just because he's a friggin cutie!!!, baby chris!

im always stealing him from everyone at family parties. (SORRYNOTSORRY!)
hes just the cutest!!!!!!!!
i want to eat him up! (: 

this party was simply the cutest thing in the world!!!

happy birthday once again H.
love you!!!

side note: 
i took Hailey to Disneyland last year because her absolute favorite is Cinderella. she was so excited to see the princesses. then her brother told her that they were all fake!
man, she was deflated. 
its good to say they were all there and she got to meet several! so faith restored! and georgie, im kicking yo butt!!!
(ps....isnt she the cutest!)

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