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apparently you can make, wrap and freeze a cake 2 mos in advance! :o awesome!
also, some tips for covering a cake in sprinkles. fool proof!!!
V-Day Fruit Loop cupcake toppers
some late (or early for next year!) cute valentines cake toppers!!!
donut printables! ahhh!!!! who wants a garland!!!? 
DIY GIant Moon PiƱata
how to make a moon pinata! (and a picture with a cute little dog!)
the best ABM post in a while! (in my opinion!) Go Emma!!!
DIY Gold Leaf Art
DIY Gold leaf art!
i can make myself a dog since my dogs would rather hide under the bed then snuggle with me!

if you ever wanted to learn how to do Ombre lips, Keiko shows you how! :D

water marbled cards.
this is one of those projects that you see on pinterest and you think "hey, i can do it!" then you do and boom. FAIL.
Elise seems to have a good handle on it!
Feb 26th is national Carnival Day! 
lets decorate a cake!
Journey of the DVF Wrap Dress Exhibition
Journey of a Dress Exhibit
lets goo!!!

have a fantabulous weekend!

tonight, we are going out for Jay's birthday dinner!
it's her tuuurn! i cant wait! i've never been to the place but the pictures ive seen look beautiful!
i like this dinner tradition, just the 3 of us. 
ill come back with some pictures of that! <3

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