{Picture This} by Jaqueline Sheenan

isbn#: 978-0-06-200812-1
published 2012
read from 1-31 to 2-7/2014

i think maybe the staple in all of my "one for the books" post will be (obviously) the book with my thumb lol. it'll be interesting to see how many colors i can run through within the year. 

anywho!, whaaat!? 
i bought this book along with the last book i read. i actually got this book for a dollar!!! it was on sale for $4.98 with an additional 30% i think then another 10%...idk alls i know is i got it for $1.12 score!

this is actually the sequel to Lost & Found. a sequel that i didn't even know existed!!!! when i saw this book, i was like hey "this looks like Leila and that looks like the same dog on the cover of that one other book i read!" i picked up the book, i flipped through it i was all over it. it wasn't even until like 10 minutes later that i saw that it plainly says...the sequel to Lost & Found right there on the cover!
(oh les!)

there was a point in my life where every book that i picked up was a 3 part book and i think this year, it might be carrying over. crazy
im so glad we made it to that one barnes & noble that one night the way we did because otherwise i would have never known.

okay, so let me catch you up on the first one and then we'll go on to the second book and take it from there. 

in the first book we meet Rocky. she's happily married to her husband Bob. she has her career as a psychologist and he is a very well known vet. 
everything was great until you know, it wasn't. 
she finds Bob dead in their bathroom, dead due to a heart attack. 

because of this shock, she basically packs up her life and moves on over to Twin Peaks where she hopes to start over a fresh new life. where no one knows her as a widow. 

you get to meet Isiah (the islands...basically everything. he's her boss). Tess, a retired psychiatrist (is it?) who has an awesome sensory system thing going on called synesthesia. Melissa, the young girl thats battling bulimia and Hill, an archery teacher. ooh! and Cooper. i love that dog!

leeet's jump to Picture This. 

the story picks up where it left off. (i mean, i like where it ended. i didn't think that it needed a sequel.) except with a twiiiist!

right off we meet Natalie. 
Natalie is an orphaned child looking for her father. it so happens that she believes her dad is Bob, Rocky's husband. from the get go she turns Rocky's life upside down. 

Rocky trying to be good to this child, invites her to her home so they can try to figure something out. since bob's parents were dead before they married and he had no siblings, it was hard for rocky to obtain a dna sample. 
Rocky opens up her home and everyone but her can see that natalie is somewhat of a bad seed. 

it gets awesome!its all sorts of madness going on that makes me love this book!

as usual, keep on reading for "spoilers!"
Lets get tooo it!

  • foster home child who did not fit in to any home she stayed at. 
  • lives with a guy named Franklin who helps her fake a birth certificate to indicate that Robert was her father. (although, since he did falsify it...its weird because the reason they did it was because Nat had the idea to try and scam the family of someone who had passed away since she said a lot of estates go unclaimed. it just so happens that she, out of all the trillions gigabillion people in the world, picked someone who was related to her father. 
  • turns out to actually be Rocky's cousin by marriage or something like that. 
  • kidnaps Dannielle and Cooper to try and get Rocky to pay for them. a huge lump sum
  • claims that none of her foster parents cared for her but she was actually the reason several families werent able to keep her. 
    • side note: she was really close with her case worker but when she left for maternity leave and she came back she threatened to kill her and her baby if she didnt leave her alone. 
  • man, this chick is really messed up. SPOILER!!!! (as if i havent already!) she escapes, man, was i pissed. i wish they would have caught her. (i didnt say how she got away!...or how she can get away so even then, it wasnt a complete spoiler!)
  • the bulimic teen from the first book comes back into action in this book. a little bit healthier and with a new hobby; photography. 
  • in the beginning she was very anti melissa  and i was very mad about that. i was thinking she was just mad that she wasnt able to be the center of attention but boy was she right. 
  • she is in portland when she walks by a jewelry store and catches melissa shoplifting. 
  • she also see's franklin and that melissa is not working alone. 
  • she's shooting a series on dogs which then leads her to start photographing homeless people and their pets. (without her parents permission of course) 
  • manages to be somewhat of a hero in a sense. 
  • allows melissa in to her home like nothing. and its amazing that given her profession, she is so blind to the bullshit melissa puts her through. 
  • goes to Hill's house (the archery teacher) and notices him hugging his ex wife. goes berserk and hence he only comes out in the story like 3 times. i wish he would've gotten more book time. or more of their romance would've shown through.
  • purchases a home that she didnt feel connected necessarily to her but will eventually turn into a home for families in need. and those beavers....sheesh!
  • she finally quits her job "back at home" and ends up staying in the island as....i wont spoil that for youuu!
  • ends up coming up on a whooole lota extra cash! 

i cant really think of anything else at the moment. 
thinking about it, i liked the book and it was intense but a lot of things were aaahh!!
like why did Natalie have to get away and why didnt the relationship with Hill have more play!? and why can't my dogs be as cool as Cooper (i love you guys, but geesh!) 
you know, these are real questions of mine!!!

well, as always if you picked it up let me know what you think!
i already started on the next book!
John Green never fails! <3

thanks for reading! 
{Happy Valentine's Day!!!}

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