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she looks absolutely glowing! i hope at sometime in my life i have at leeast half her style!
shrimp lo mein!
this looks like i can make it! i shall give it a try! :D

im in love with Joleen's style on her project life...i wish mine looked like this!
(damn you 4x4's!)
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer
this young man risks his life to save a baby deer! :')

aah!!! another Dean Koontz book already!!! soo  soon! i cannot wait!
you bet im going to be at B&N picking up on release day!
Paper Net Garland DIY | Oh Happy Day!
paper net garland DIY!

i want this dress!!! looks fairly easy to make.
(creams: GRAAAAMMMMAA!!!)
sds_blog tour_banner4
i absolutely adore anne! the honesty in this post hits close to home! 
paint chips for valentines day garland win!!!
(i have a lot of these so i will be making some as soon as im off this!) 
Marquee Sign for Valentine Day's | this heart of mine - Made with polymer clay!!!
for like ever!

i know were past valentines day but as i finally get around to reading my bloglovin feed, i will be posting a lot of the lovely things i see!
never to early to start grabbing ideas for next year! or a special someone just because! (: 
i love a lot of these DIY's and i should get around to making some because it has bee a while since i've diy'd something. 

zanks for reading loves! 

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