Happy Birthday Jaydeen {pt 1}

i think Jay's the only person that gets like a million bday posts! 
she was celebrated everywhere! <3
any who, to keep up with tradition! i decided to take Jay to the Orange Hill restaurant solely based on the view! (i mean how do you say no to that view!) hoping that she would love it and she did!!!!

i didn't want to hog her the night before or on the day of, so we went the Friday before her actual birthday. 

Jay, enjoy your pictures! ANDY!, you should have waited because these look better! and i didn't add lil thing at the bottom so you can steal the pictures! ;)

as soon as we got there..."take a picture!" of course we had to use my phone because both of theirs SUCK!
i leave em my phone to go the restroom and this is what they do!
Andy's shirt.....i love it!
don't try to hide it!
see what i mean about the view!!
of course it was dark outside so Jay had her phone on so we could all see the menu. 
everywhere we go, Andy WILL ALWAYS order calamari as an appetizer. 
funny fact: he'll eat everything but the actual octopus shaped pieces. soo theres that waste. haha
our drinks for the night!
i got the Jidori half chicken. 
when it said it came with veggies, i mean i expected it to be more but I'm not complaining because asparagus and carrots are both beyond my favorite veggies!!!!
both Andy & jay got the vegetarian pasta. and then added chicken. 
something Crème Brûlée. it was aight. jay gave me her berry so haaay!
that view!!! (those two are good looking too i guess!) 
then, my phone decided to crap out. turns out to be the cover i had on it. 
"leslie, why are you standing like that!?" 
(i had to go to the ladies room!)
i proposed. wedding coming to you 2025. 
just keeeding. i cant handle women. they're TOO much!
jk. she was making me laugh so hard i forgot why!
she's all "let me get to your height!" pffttt...im not that short!
ahahahha! by far, my favorite picture!
i was trying to take a picture of the waterfall on the outside of the restaurant....real smooth guys!
on our way in and out, this is what you see. 

i loooved it!
the view was amazing the atmosphere was amazing and of course the people (my Jay & Andy) were amazing!!!! <3 
once again Jay, Happy Birthday. 
(and now its time to save up for Andy because apparently were going to The Ivy so a) i have to start looking for something uber fancy to wear, b) i gota start saving up & c) we gotta get ready for the break up because no one goes to the ivy and then stays together after! (ie: j.lo & ben affleck....haha just keeeding!) 

thanks for reading! (i have ooone more jay's bdays post coming and its the last! i promise!!) 

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