Snapshot Sunday {48-54}

most dramatic freakin snapshot Sunday of my life! 
ahhh!!! i swear. first i thought it wasn't going to go up because my laptop is currently on the operating table. 
then, i thought "hey i need to buy a tablet so let me take care of that today and i can use the tablet to post it. didn't work. the blogger app is good for basically anything BUT typing up a post (i miss my laptop). so that's going back because I'm just not crazy about it and one class alone does not justify the price. (ps. did you know the nook is done with!? i mean like the new one is out at best buy in 2 days! so the current one is one saw a whole $9 off! ._. how crazy. it doesn't matter what you have because there will always be better! gggrrr!!)  
anywho, i just managed to grab my sisters laptop and here were are. after this its french homework and a crap load of french work. 
(sorry for the little rant, sometimes its just good to unload you know!)
here's this weeks Sunday Snapshots!

i had to go to DTLA to pick up one of our officers at 3 pm. 3 pm actually turned out to be 4 pm and since i forgot my book at work i took a drive and came upon this. lovely!
came home on Friday to my mom's homemade chicken soup. we all ate outside like a fam! (we rarely do that!) nom nom nom!!! <3 
my ankle is still all blaaah! but any who, these are (were) my favorite shoes!!! i got them at H&M a while ago. however i wore them soooo much that basically, even though they are very uhm, air accessible, they stunk!!! i had left them alone and hadn't worn them in a few months and man they were still bad. i mean i wore these shoes EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME!!!!! to work, to Coachella, just because....i had to throw them away. it was hard. 
i know kind've of a gross-ish story but still. i loved them that much! :( 
if you guys EVER come across them at H&M, please let me know. i know to buy at least 5 pairs next time!
you see that little pin!? you cant really read it buuuuuut its a 5 year pin for my job! ive been at my job for 5 1/2 freakin years! ahhh!!!! where did the time go!!!? anywho, i became aware that these were a thing so i fought everyone to get one for me and my coworker. Ive been there 5 years!!! that's the least i deserve!!!!!!!
the tacos. i hate jacks tacos. with a passion. i don't think id even eat them as a last resort. the HR manager started talking something about the monster tacos and how they were delicious and how he was guna buy us some to celebrate (there are several of us that have been there a while. i think the most recent is 4 years besides the receptionist who just got hired 3 weeks ago!) so he got us jacks monster tacos. i gave them to my mom! ha! thanks tho Rich!
a while ago one of my managers needed a file and told my coworker and i that if we found it she'd give us a prize. me being the one that files everything knew exactly where it was at so of course, you know! a few days went by and on Friday,i had completely forgotten, she handed me an envelope and in it was 2 movie tickets!!! wooohooo! so Saturday i took myself to the movies (I LOVE GOING TO THE MOVIES BY MYSELF!!!!) and then i spent the last of my gift card monies at Barnes & Nobles. it was a good Saturday. 
aaand i loved this movie!!! 
i laughed, i cried. it was awesome. kinda hit close to home-ish. but lets not go there!
sorry about the messy pics but you know....i went to target with my sis the other day and while browsing the beauty clearance section, i found this matte top coat by NYC. it turned out to be $1.82 (reg price) so i bought it! 
I'm in loooove!!! its safe to say it works!!!! 
(the grey color is called sidewalkers...i found that fanny!)
side note: i later on went to sephora and saw the matte version they sale for like $30....lets say, i prefer the target one (and not solely based on the price!) also, I'm glad i found this because I've seen some crazy "DIY your nails matte" online and they're crazy! (boil water AND THEN put your hand over the heat!?...uh, no thanks!"
i love ikea!!!! 
i got this over the door shoe holder for $.99c. can you believe that!!!? I'm so happy! it works great. holds all my shoes except my running shoes and wedges but other than that i love it and it cleared up my previous space that i can now use to store stuff that can clear up another space!!! (Did that make sense!? ....i want soup.)

thanks for taking the time to read my dramatic ss. it still gave me problems up until now! gggrrrr!!!
have a great rest of your Sunday. I'm guna go make myself some tap ramen, get some homework done, close my window so i can't hear my kid neighbors and look for some bob's burgers on tv!

i have a few posts coming up on Jaydeen's birthday & a book post!!! woohoo!
have a fantabulous great week ahead of you!

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