Snapshot Sunday {41-47}

i find it fitting that i bought this laptop back in 09 when i had decided to go back to school. 
now here we are almost 5 years later and i decided hey lets give school one more shot and my computer decides to crap out on me!
oh, zee irony!

any who, here are this Sunday's Snapshots! (i wish i was at Disneyland or six flags!)
went to see Conan this Thursday. as we drive in to the parking structure thiiiis is what we first see. 
i loved it!
the tapping itself was pretty cool! he's freakishly tall. not so much the height just that his legs seem to go on forever and they're so skinny! that nights episode had Tom Arnold & some Sex doctor lady. i don't know how they're guna find ways to air his segment with the doctor lady because all of it was :0 haha. 
overall it was good. it just the friggin wait!
jay asked me what i was doing for V-day. i told her i was all alone. so her and her boyfriend got me this cute little teddy bear! (:  the night before she wanted me to eat ice cream and fries and all that junk stuff and i was like naaah! hence the bag of Motts Medleys. lol thanks J & K! <3 (also, that happens to be the bears name JK!)
also, when i got home (I'm off early on Fridays), my sister & brother got home after me. 
my sis walked in with her hand behind her back and my brother with his hand behind his back. 
my sis went to my mom and my brother came to me. then they gave us hugs and gave us flowers! eeeekk!! how cute! we put both of ours in the same vase!
well, i usually do a Sunday hike post on its own but yesterday (sat) i went to turnbull canyon (again) and i took chonch with me. 
B I G G E S T --- M I S T A K E--- E V E R!!!!
i forgot she hates when i walk her! ._. 
so i carried her half way and tried running with her on me for a bit (no wonder my legs hurt!)
on the way down i still had to somewhat drag her and she wouldn't walk with me but when a stranger would run by, booom she was all there! >_<
i get her in my car and she sits down with her arm on the arm rest like she's all sorts of tired. 
ggggrrr chonch. gggrrr
Chester. being classy. 
this is what i call a selfie. haha. 
i love my wall! 
(too bad i has no more space!) 
waiting for my class to start on Wednesday. 
we had our first french test. it was open book and holy crap. i can only imagine the others to come that are NOT going to be open book! :0
I'm trying guys. but if i fail ill gladly take it! because i know i failed trying. 
and then ill take Spanish next semester because quite frankly as awesome as knowing good french would be, id rather be 234987234103241% sure on how i write my Spanish. that helps out when applying for jobs you know. unless it happens to for a french company or something. if that's the case, everyone will a) know my name b) that I'm American and that c) i want a sandwich please hehe. 
on that note, i started reading An abundance of Katherine's by John Green. 
Colin talks in french. a lot. even more irony!!!!

thanks for reading on this lovely Sunday. 
its 9 am and quite frankly I'm shocked I'm up this early! 
H&M here i come!
have an awesome rest of your weekend! :D

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