Snapshot Sunday {27-33}

pho after church last Sunday with my kids! <3
i don't even care that it didn't fit!
i wanted this ring soooo bad. I'm so mad i didn't get it! :(
my hood chihuahua!
class starts for me tomorrow (Monday!) I'm excited-ish...we'll see. 
but that was a good enough excuse to shop at target!! 
the door that according to my brother, is putting in work!
on Wednesday, i went to cvs because tess had scored good coupons! (i needed shampoo and all that shower stuff!) once i was done paying i decided to grab a dollar scratcher since a dollar was all i had. as i bent down to put my stuff on the floor, i kind of had to balance myself because of my ankle. well i lost control and to try and balance myself again, i accidentally hit one of those $3 buttons. out came a scratcher and boom! i won $4. woohoo! thanks to whoever left the $ in there. i was $4 richer and my car got to get vacuumed and washed because of this! go karma kings! 
on another note: Saturday me & my sis went to the mall to buy my lil' cousins bday presents. we ended up at wetzels pretzels. i originally intended to pay cash (using the $4) but it was more so i paid with my debit. the guy behind me ordered a pizza pretzel which he ended up leaving because he only had $3 and it was $3 and change. i felt sooo bad that i didn't offer to give him the dollar because i had it. its just at the moment, i was trying to put all my junk in my bag and i didn't think of it until afterwards and i feel still freaking horrible! I'm sorry guy!!! i really am!!!
i hope i run in to you again and i wont hesitate!!!!
foggy ride to work. 
i love how it looks all "twilight" foggy when i drive to work in all the little nooks and crannies of the freeway.

thanks for stopping by this weekend again! (: 
unfortunately, no Sunday hike this week. i want my ankle to heal fast! and every time i walk all over the place (at work) it gets all swollen and i just want it to heal already! i miss running!
enjoy the game everyone!
have a great week ahead of you! 

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