Snapshot Sunday {34-40}

i didnt forget about snapshot sunday! ;)
i just went running and i just got done showering doggie babies! <3
a-heeeeeere we go!
it was a good week for vanity plates. i have suuuuch luck with these!
a} friggin little prius! i looked like the kre-per trying to catch up!
b} it was actually 2 guys driving this car!!
c} "couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexus" oh Kanye, when you were great!
d} wahbam! haha! this one reminds me of my friend Frank (except he says Shazam!....kinda close!) 
he goes "move fat bitch" then proceeds to stuff that little tray with at least 4/5 krispy kreme donuts 
-superbowl sunday!-
WHAT an awesome game! i know a lot of people are saying it was a crappy game but nooo....i llloooved it all!
i saw this shirt under the hash tag #bobsburgers on IG. i told my sister i wanted this for xmas or my bday. 
tessie made this happen!!! i can not wait to wear it!!! :D
FINALLY!!! some rain!!! 
even if it was after i washed my car....i love the rain!
I'm guna go see Bruno Mars with Pharell woohooo!!!!
nom nom nooom!!!!
lunch at work. all i wanted was mango and watermelon. i got it for lunch and it was delicious!!
this one might be long!
this is my baby boy jack! <3
to make a long story short...even shorter.....we had given him away to a home i thought was going to be able to provide for him. as much as i loved this fur baby, i realize the work it takes to care for a big dog so it was for his own good. well, last week oooon....Tuesday, they called me from some random number that i actually answered (because i never do) and they let me know they were calling from a dog pound that someone had found jack and they had taken him in to see if he was chipped. 
i got the guys number called him and before all, made sure jack was okay. i have never felt my heart drop as it did that night i swear! we ended up meeting up at the park and i instantly ran to jack to hug him. at first he looked shocked but he came around. once i was done hugging jack, the guy was like hi and extended his hand out to me and i was like no....i hugged him like i have never hugged another human before. 
story goes, he found jack wondering the streets looking scared in Carson. the home jack went to is i believe in Inglewood...basically 1/2 hr drive, 4 hr walk.  i don't know how jack got out there i don't care to contact the jerks that lost jack because in my opinion if they cared, they would have called to say something and we could have all gone from there. 
well the guy that found him was actually looking to adopt a big dog (German Shepard, rottweiler or even a golden retriever)  so after making sure everything was okay, we decided to give jack to him. jack now has a home with a huge back yard and a guy who will take him running and all that good stuff as he should be. 
i cannot stress it enough guys! please a} spay & neuter your dogs and b} get them chipped or get them a collar. if you head on over to they can help you set that up and taken care of. we actually got jack and Chester taken care of there and they were both chipped for free with the neutering. chonch is next. i love her but no furry babies!
this was definitely my good karma and i even told the guy! 
every time i see a dog on the street i pull over and try to grab it. This guy finding jack and stopping and picking him up was definitely  my good karma making a full circle. 
oh life!, thank you for saving my little jack in the box Albert. 
i will FOREVER be grateful to you!

thank you for reading this week's edition of snap shot Sunday. 
as a treat for reading all that, go to and type do a barrel roll. lul'z. 
you're welcome!

have a great rest of your Sunday! <3
(I'm working a few posts...but first off to church!)

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