hello July

you know how they say that trix are for kids? 
what if its true? i mean when i was growing up they were in the shape of a fruit and now! now they're just little balls. 
so what if time was always moving this fast  ALWAYS but we didn't notice because we were kids!? 
#science (that has nothing to do with anything its just the right thing to say!) 

anyways, HELLO JULY!!!!!!!!!
can you guys believe it!? 
what the heck happened to 2015? where did it go. were past half the year. this is the beginning of the holidays. yes i know I'm committing the cardinal "don't celebrate the holidays before they actually start" rule but lets face it, its true. 

oh well. 
June was fun, San Diego was fun. Hiking with B was fun. 
basically it was a lot of fun with him.
and it also marks the month i became a gf! how fun! its been so long that its a little bit weird (but NOT in a bad way i swear!) I'm liking it so far!!
we have a dodgers game date next Friday and i cannot wait!! (: 
his birthday is this Sunday and I'm super excited cause i have a few things up my sleeve. this being one of them. he knows about it so i cant wait for his other surprises. 

it also brought some weird weather. it was sprinkling and cloudy but ridiculously hot. 
luckily im always at work so im always under the AC which means i always avoid the heat. 
i freaking hate summer! (sorry for the outburst.)
were back to this heat and the sun being out and im definitely not feeling it but hopefully it lasts til at least tomorrow cause pooool party. 
i have this 4th of July weekend off (!!!) from both jobs so its going to be a relaxing weekend. 
pool party tomorrow and B's birthday celebration on Sunday. 

cant wait!
what are your plans this 4th of July weekend? 
...whatever it is ya do, be safe and have fun!
and if you have furry babies be sure they're tagged just in case they run away. but make sure they're safe and sound inside!!!

have a great weekend and have a great month!!! (: 

oh ps! 
thank you Supreme Court for realizing that LOVE WINS!!!!!


  1. I usually hate the Summer as well but this Winter was so horrible and LONG I vowed to never complain about the heat of the Summer again! haha Hope you have a really great weekend off! :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. i would gladly trade you!
      im over this drought!
      so much heat. luckily im always at work so the ac is on blast but i would definitely love to have some snow!
      *sigh* have a great week!!! (:


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