chantry flats

remember last year when hiking every Sunday was a goal of mine but then i kept going to the same place cause i had no one to go with and then i just stopped?  no? well, it was but anyways that miiiiight be back! specially with B in the picture cause he loves to hike and he goes just about everywhere. case in point Chantry Flats
such a beautiful scenic place! mega heart eyes emoji!

we wanted to make it to the bigger waterfall but instead of going down we went up and so we found the smaller version of it. 
i was willing to get in the water and then i saw the water and i was like nooo thanks!
i thought, okay we found it lets go back but nope. B made me rock climb and we ended up circling the whole entire thing. 
i cant even begin to tell you how beautiful and scenic this hike was. 
i didnt take a lot of pictures cause since it was so bright it was hard to get a good one without it looking like what the heck is this. 
we are planning to go back for the bigger waterfall so eeek!!

over all my fitbit says i did 7 miles // 18,000+ steps, 147 active minutes and the calories burned were over 2,500+. 
good day i must say!
my butt was SUPER sore the next day. it hurt to get up after seating for a long period of time. so much fun!

cant wait to go back!
and i really do hope this becomes a regular for us! 

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  1. Looks like such a beautiful place! I love hiking!!

    Renee | Lose The Road


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