{a really late} Snapshot Sunday

Y I K E S !!!!

i kinda fell off the snapshot Sunday wagon. a month to be exact. 
but im here i promise! im here now. 
school is over, im free M-Wed and at the moment, the second job, im kinda over it. 
but anyways, i kinda disappeared cause i felt like i wasn't really taking pictures. but im going to get back on it! 
here's a lot of pictures from the last month. hope ya got some time!

B got me peonies as a surprise!!!! these were sooo beautiful! 
unfortunately they're gone now :( but they were so beautiful. everyone fell in love with them at home and instagram was going through a peonies phase. my feed was sooo beautiful those few days. 
Chester laying on my butt. 
apparently that's a cool hangout spot. wait, not cool, comfy. lol
my sis and Chester bombing my phone. i saw my pictures today and they took like 30 pictures >_<
loving the silhouette. and i also like how it looks with the screen.  
the way she sleeps... <3 
talk about spoiled.
bought myself some white roses once my peonies died.     
love these!
also, you see those 3 rocks! my cousin and his wife brought them to me all the way from Paris!!!! one of them is from the Eiffel Tower!!!! well the surrounding area. (just so you know, every time someone tells me they're going on vacation, all i ask for is for them to bring me back a rock. OMG! I AM MY MOTHER'S DAUGHTER!)
so my sis gave me a Disneyland pass for my bday thaaaat she hadn't paid in the last 2-3 months. she got a letter stating that if she didn't pay it it was going to go in to collections. soooo i called to pay the past due and take over the payment and i got stuck paying it ALL off at once. 
so i took myself on a solo date. 
didn't get on any rides but i got myself some ice cream and a couple of post cards to send out (: 
gotta go back soon. my pass expires in November. 
i mean what else do you when you have a pineapple and sunglasses laying around. 
his & hers <3
also, cant wait to watch this movie! but ill wait. because I've been trying to finish gone girl for the last 32653416 months!!! insert exhausted emoji face.
(just finished it about 35 mins ago) 
we went on a date night to catch Metalachi. haha. this was us waiting in line to take a picture with one of the band members. i saw this on my screen as he was holding my phone so i took a picture. (: 
keeper guys! keeper. 
he's wearing Puma's here and i swear when i saw them on him, i dont know i got all happy. really weird but...ya know :D specially because i have NO idea about the last time i saw ANYONE wear them. that and i was so close to buying a pair myself. 
this freaking donut place. 
these 4 cost me $11. 
BUT i had the strawberry one and OMG!!!! my brother loved the froot loops one. my sis didnt tell me anything about hers aaand B said he liked the panda one i got him. 
and i wont lie i kinda want another one. 
my advise though, freaking uber it there because parking is SO STUPID!!!!
my sis got off and made line while i spent about 1/2 hr looking for parking. and once i did, some guy i used to date stole it from me! ._. blah! (were still cool)
i have this thing with my name! <3 so i made some stuffed letters. 
i still need to finish the S. will post a done picture soon!!! 
cuddles cuddles cuddles!!!! <3
beach views! <3
snow monster date night with Jay. 
my macaroon was SO GOOD!
today is your day // you totally made my day. 
love finding these kinds of tags out on the road! (: 
i kinda wanna make stencils and do this myself!!!
sorry for the crappy pic but LIFE HACK!!!!
i switched my room around and i have this weird thing where i like to show off all my books SO i found these pieces of wood laying in the backyard and BOOM! layers. 
and no no wood is showing...i made 3 layers of books to show!!!!
ill post a better picture when i can. so you can see what im talking about! 
making some garlands for my cousin's boyfriends brothers graduation. ha! follow that! 
dessert with my sis. 
the waffle YES! the coffee, NOOOO
mom saw the bunny reading with glasses and she said it totally reminded her of me! (: 
these are from when we went to SD with my mom! i didnt have that many pictures to post so here are some. 
the cotton tree above! <3
just a random fact, I LOVE secret deodorant. 
i always only get ooh-la-la lavender. but the 2 white ones were on sale. 
i think the Paris one smells so effin good!!!!
whenever she wants to scratch her back, she goes under this chair. 
gah! i love her!!!
a while back i bought all the women in my house 5 pair of sandals each. they lost them all. 
i have like 1 pair left and i hide them. all.the.time. yet somehow, i get stuck with the fake ones you get when you get a pedicure! >.>
B spoils me so! (: 
gets me a pitcher of bluemoon the night before. wakes me up to tea and a smoothie and an egg samich with cheese and avocado and some OITNB. 
gaaah! did i already say, keeeper? (: 
taking these 2 out for a walk. 
too bad Chester has to go in a bag because he doesn't have a leash and he freaks out. plus i feel bad leaving him at home. 
these 2 are the best thing ever!!!! <3
random school tag. // FINALLY done with this semester!

you don't gotta lie! you take at least 10 different selfies before you find one you like. 
we all do. luckily this was the first one i hit! yaay!

sorry for being MIA!
i promise to change that around! i finally have free time! (: 

thanks for sticking around all of you that have! 
you are the best!

have a great rest of your week! ;*


  1. I loved Me & Earl & and the dying girl so good!

    1. YES!!!!
      i cant wait to start it now! i bought a few days ago.
      definitely starting it tomorrow!!!

      i just finished gone girl and man! i can see what you meant. the girl on the train was a little bit better for me.


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