gone girl by gillian flynn

published 2012
isbn: 978-0-553-41835-4
read from 5/14 to 6/17 2015

talk about what!!!

obviously this book has been around a while and the movie is now out on dvd but i just now finished it and I'm still in whaaaaat mode.
B rented the movie for me so i saw it when i was a few chapters in. i think because i saw the movie that that's why it took me a bit longer for me to read this book. because this should not have taken me around a month to read. although given, i did not read every day.

anyways, I'm a little bit torn because for me, its been proven that the book will always be better than the movie IF you read the book first. the movie will never do a book justice. BUT i saw the movie first SO, that's why i think the movie was good because the movie portrayed certain parts better where as the book kinda dragged them along. (at least that's my theory.)

anyways, FREAKING AMY!!!!!
so I'm going to assume you know what the book/movie is about.
Amy goes missing and of course Nick gets blamed.
the husband is ALWAYS the first suspect.

so Amy is freaking crazy!!! bitch is C R A Z Y !!!!!
it is because of her that I'm now scared to get married. at least dating someone you can walk away. when you're talking divorce....pffft.

(there are a few spoilers but not enough to make you not want to read the book)

anyways in the movie, they kind of only show her being a bitch about it all. of course she goes bazzerk because Nick cheats but i mean....if someone cheats on me I'm not going to bust all that ill just be like damn. (I'm not a vengeful person at all. KARMA! but also, I'm just hella lazy.)
what they did not show in the movie is that Nick was a total dick to her once they moved to Missouri. he became distant and kind of left her on her own to "fend" for herself so to speak. so when i read that in the book i was like geez, id never go that crazy but i guess it was justified (i mean in the book world sense of it.)

what they ALSO didn't show in the movie was that the reason Nick was over her and being a jerk to her is because (and pardon my french) THE BITCH IS CRAZY!!!
I'm talking multiple personalities because she gets bored easily crazy. he married someone he didn't even know and woah is she something else.
she seduces him by being the "cool girl" and little by little after they marry she shows him the real her which of course Nick does not find attractive at all. no i wouldnt say attractive. thats the wrong word. in real life, he would not have clicked with her at all is what i mean to say. 
but i mean who is the real her? the chick is crazy! she has no idea who she is. and she blames it all on her parents. OH! another thing they didn't mention in the movie that i guess makes a lot of sense as to why she is so crazy in the book is the part where shes was the freaking 8th kid her parents had but THE ONLY ONE that was carried to term. she talks about her mom needing a few minutes to celebrate the last 7 Hope's death days and not giving her the time because she didn't deserve it. all attention on her.

she plans this "elaborate" master plan to frame nick and she has thought of EVERYTHING but you gotta think to yourself, are cops really that stupid to not see the holes in her story when she comes back!? (yes. i know its a book.) (and well yes, they kinda see it but all her shiz is backed up like nobodies business!)
cause yea she goes missing for about a month in the book but comes back to Nick when she realizes she messed up by going to Desi for help and of course when Nick falsifies it all over national TV that he misses her and wants to prove it to her just how sorry he is.  

the weird thing is, these two are nuts. but they're nuts for each other. 
he has no proof to turn her in because she has covered every single base and she wont leave him because "why should the good guy get to screw me over and then get to be happy. fuck that. fuck him." but even towards the end (in the book) they both sort of realize that they cant go on with other people because no one else will EVER know them like they now know each other and what theyre capable of. (hence why i like this part in the movie cause he just realizes im screwed where in the book he realizes he's screwed but you can kinda tell he's in love with the idea of it.)
i don't know man. these two, they're fucked. insert exhausted emoji face.

i will say this though, i love the ending in the book a lot more than the one in the movie. well, just what he tells her. in the movie it just ends with them holding a press and you can see it in his face that he's really screwed now. 

"my gosh Nick, why are you so wonderful to me?"
"because i feel sorry for you." 


"because every morning you have to wake up and be you."  

.....but i think i still prefer the girl on the train a lot more. 

the book is set in 3 different uhm, parts. the first one for me freaking dragged. the second one is kinda where things picked up for me but i was like 100 pages away from finishing and Amy was still missing. she was still on Day 10 since missing. jeebus! i was just ready for it to be over. 
it left off fine i dont think there is a need for a sequel but because im weird if there is one, chances are i will be reading it. (but please dont let there be a sequel!) 

have you read it / seen it? 
what did ya think? let me know!
also, in real life i curse like a sailor (but ive calmed down a bit) and i try not to curse on my blog cause its, i duno, not proper etiquette sooo sorry for all the curse words but ya know, sometimes ya gotta! 

thanks for reading! 

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