Happy {late} Valentines Day

remember when i told you about Emily Mcdowell's little fog adventure in San Fran many many moons ago? 
the picture above is what she dedicated to me! :) based on the story i told her i thought this one would have been more fitting. jk. i just really like that print. 

i had started writing the story. i had gotten very far actually and i don't mind sharing it at all but then i thought maybe this is tooooo long so i just deleted it and now im starting over. 
i wont go in to details mostly cause I've had this post sitting in my drafts folder for 4 months now (!!!) so i think its time i send this little piece out in to outer space. 

I'm now dating someone who makes me insanely happy and has had me waking up with the biggest smile and the best-est attitude ever and ya know what...im loving every minute of it. things happen for a reason and while you may not see them at the moment, they definitely make sense in the end. and if this is my end then i can say I'm definitely happy with it! :D
i hope you have a great week! (:
tomorrow is my last day of school!!!!!! we have a final and then i guess its off ya go so i might hit up Disneyland since i finally paid my effin pass. (thanks sis for making me pay the remaining $300 >.<)

i promise i will try to be on here more often. specially with B as co-pilot, i might have more sunday hiking stories to post about (one in the works!) and with school over i'll have more me time! i have a zoo post that i never got to adding and i went back in December! 
eeek!!! hoping to post that soon. 
this is my love letter promising to be better! 
thanks for sticking around guys! (: 

thanks for reading! ;*

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  1. This is amazing! And congrats on finding someone that you are happy with. So happy for you:)


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