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hi guys!
i know i said i was going to be all up on SS buuut this past weekend i was in San Diego livin' it up with no access to a computer so please forgive me. (insert kissy face emoji)
we stayed in the Gaslamp District which is known for all the bars and the partying and oh so much fun!
we stayed at the Hotel Indingo in SD. a block (the shortest one ever) away from Petco Park. which by the sorry but the dodger stadium has NOTHING on them!
anyways, our room was the cutest thing ever!! and that bed...omg! i didnt even want to leave when we checked in. soooo comfortable!
but the view....that view! i sat on the little white side table thing and i was pondering about life and everything!!!
not sure why the pictures look lopsided but i can promise you they are not. 
after we got some drinks and charged our phones, we took the metro (bus? train?) down to i forgot what little city. B missed our exit so we back tracked and went to see the Kissing Statue. 
the weather itself was AMAZING! at some points it was sprinkling and it was gloomy most of the time and it was the best. like a dummy i wore the wrong sandals but i sucked it up and we managed to get it done. 
i of course wanted to see the kissing statue. id driven by before but i thought we had to pay to get in to see it. luckily its outside so we were able to see it this time. 
it was all his idea to take the picture kissing. i was kinda against it. lol
after that we went to Little Italy to go grab some pizza and have some beer at the Ballast Point Brewery.
on the way to the brewery, there was a lady selling roses. that little s.o.b rose right there cost me $3!!!! talk about over priced. specially cause it died right away. 
but because i had paid for the metro or whatever with a $20, it gave me back $15 change in nothing but dollar coins. so you bet i felt like Santa handing out all those coins everywhere. 
after that we jumped back on the whatever to head back to our room to get ready for the night. 
we missed a trip to Coronado Island but well get back to that on the next trip. 
so the whole point of this trip was to take B to see a comedian he really likes, Felipe Esparza
i bought him tickets for his birthday waaaaay back when we started talking so im glad we were able to do this. he introduced him to me when we were having movie night one night and i was on a mission to take B to see him (even though he's seen him before) as soon as he was in town. luck would have it, hes touring in Pasadena and i was going to take him there but when i told him he was also going to be in SD, he was game for that instead. 
this guy was soooo so funny!
his opening act, Marcella was saying something about how people trip out that she's salvi and so when she asked the crowd where the other Salvis where at, you better believe i was loud and proud. and also the only one.  and then she clowned on us. so worth it!!!
lol snapchat. you are so fun! (add me if ya like ellexgee)
we were only there 1 night because i had to work Saturday morning (which was stupid because i only came in for 1 hr. but it ended up working out anyways) so after check out we had breakfast at The Broken Yolk. then we hit up the stone brewery (the smaller version) in Petco Park. B filled up his growlers, i beat him at Jenga then we left.  
before we left, we made a quick pit stop at Geographie. im a HUGE lover of street art so when i saw that WRDSMTH was in SD i had to stop by and take a picture. after that we headed to the main Stone Brewery and OMG heaven!!!
we shared a pretzel app along with quail wings (tastes like orange chicken but sweet and sour kinda) and he had a drink. 
guys, this place, mega heart eyes emoji. i was all amazed at the inside and he was like no, wait til you see outside and he was right! so effin beautiful! i want to go back already! these pictures do it NO JUSTICE whatsoever!
you see those chairs to the left on the very last picture, we sat there and i was so comfy and at peace i wanted to go to my car to get my blanket cause i was falling asleep. oh this place!!! <3 <3 <3

after all that, i got to go home to this beautiful sunset. 
this was seriously such a good weekend. thanks B for everything. this was supposed to be his birthday trip and he made it all about us. <3 <3 <3 
we were standing in line for the show and he turns to me and said he was sad about this day. instantly i was sad and he explained to me that he was sad because our night was almost over which meant the trip was almost over. this guy!!!! <3

we have Vegas lined up at the end of August. but a Dodgers game date next Friday. i cannot wait!!!

thanks for reading!
(ps i just found this so if youre ever in SD, check some of those places out!)

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