hello june!

1/2 way done with 2015. 
what the eff! (said the same thing last year!)

"can you please stop smiling like an idiot." 

my coworker just told me that because for the longest time now I've had this huge grin on my face and i loooove it!
as i type this I'm trying to hold myself from smiling like an idiot and its kinda hard! :D

life right now is great! 
been working like crazy but still a slightly little bit less and in June i have mostly all Saturdays off! what whaaat!!! actually all but the first one and even then its an early shift.  
at the end of the month B (R) and i are headed to San Diego to catch a favorite comedian of his (i got him tickets for his birthday) and then hes going to show me around SD cause he LOVES that place! i cannot wait for that!

July is his bday and i have a couple of things planned for the guy and then in August were heading on a mini vacation to Vegas to see Jill Scott!
eeekk!!!! i told myself if i was giving up on the concert scene, i was okay with that as long as i got to see Jill Scott and BOOM!!!!
she's out here at the Greek Theater but even the super far, i might as well have stayed home, seats were expensive so Vegas for 1/2 the price with general admission was a no brainer! but les, gas, room and all that it adds up! 
its Vegas!!!! all i want after the show is a Fat Tuesday and a slice of pinup pizza while i eat in the tub and if that doesn't sound relaxing to you, then i don't know what to say to you my friend.
weird, yes but still!!! eeek! i cannot wait!
and then that Friday were catching The Beatles Cirque De Soleil show. 
ahhh!!!! i cant wait! this guy is something else!

whats even sweeter ya ask? well, not sweeter but close second, i come back that Sunday JUST to head back that Friday again to see INCUBUS!!!! eeek!!!
why not see em in LA Les? well they're in Chula Vista on the 30th, which is when ill be in Vegas so ya know!
imsoexcitedicannothideit!!!! lol
other than that, hmm. school is FINALLY over next week. FINALLY!

life right now is great! I'm in love with it all! (:

what are your plans for this month? 
thanks for stopping by! hope you have a good one!

ps: sorry for the excessive use of !!!! but im freaking happy! (:  
its going to be a fun month! (:  


  1. Vegas! I wish I lived just a drive away. A Shake Shack just opened up there, you should totally check it out. I think it might be better than In n' Out......

    1. ill definitely look it up!
      im probably like the only human in california that will agree with you; i have no idea what the in & out fuss is all about. im not crazy about it. so ill for sure check it out! (:

  2. Everything sounds so great for you right now!! Your positivity in this post shines! :D

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. eeek! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

      hope all is well for you!


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