snail mail // the dude edition

sorry for the crappy pics but i only have time at night and i have horrible lighting in my room since i lost my one and only (out of 2 actually) window. 

this months abm happy mail is sooo freaking cute!
i say that mostly cause of the emoji stickers (which you can also get here from Carlee!) 
i only used 2 this month cause a) no birthdays and b) a lot of em are all lovey dovey and so yea...

i sent this one to nelson! its just a plain post card! I've been owing him one for a while but like i said i didn't have a just because one so i had to wait! this one was perfect!
i didn't shoot the inside but it says you're my favorite. (: 
this one is going out to R. he loved the last one and actually asked for another one. i sent him this one without telling him so i cant wait til he gets it!
i also owe him a nice little thank you note for the amazing date on sat!

i seriously want to take a calligraphy class so i can get even more creative on the addressing of the cards! my writing is okay but not <3 ya know!

if ya want a card, shoot me an email! ill send you a super cute one i promise! (: 

thanks for stopping by!

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