Hello May

freaking May!
how is it even possible? 
guys next month, were 1/2 way done with the year!!! (no duh les!) 
how is that sooo!??

do you remember when you were a little kid and you felt like time just went by sooo slowly and now there's not enough time to do everything. 
while i do want the time to slow down a liiiitle  bit, I'm okay with it. it'll make these next few years a little bit better since i now have a brand new car payment. (inset exhausted emoji face) but still, i love my new baby girl. i just discovered it tells me how many miles i have until I'm completely out of gas (and yes in know a lot of cars do that but this is my first one) every day its something little. 

any who, April came and went, it brought like 2 days of rain, it brought the one monthaversary of my car accident :(, the Kimbra concert, and i ended the the month with new glasses. 
yep! i now officially wear legit real glasses. it took 27 years but here i am. 
of course, i do believe an ex-corker put a curse on me which is why i need 'em buuut whateves. i looove wearing glasses. 
its just a little bit hard to get used to them. i feel like my eyes are sore at the end of the night after wearing them. 
that and EVERYTHING looks 3D when i wear them. wooah! i never realized how blind i was until i saw clearly. so far i only need em for distance and for driving at night so i don't want to get super used to them other than just for that but then again i want to wear em all the time. i LOVE my grey raybans! (similar) and now that i have a prescription, im thinking of all the cute glasses i can buy! ahh!                
le sigh.

i know I've been sorta quiet on here other than with books but life has just been not that exciting and i haven't done much or crafted much but school is over in 1 month and then I'm off til winter session  so hopefully some exciting things happen in between that!

thanks for stopping by. 
have a kick ass May!

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