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this weekend was one of the best I've had in a long time. 
for some odd reason i had Saturday off from both jobs (even though i ended up going in to my real job for 4 hrs) so i was able to plan a Saturday day date with R. 
probably one of the best dates EVER! it was seriously an all day date!

he heard about Abalone Cove through a coworker of his so we set off to go. 
at first it wasn't, well it didn't seem like it'd be a crazy hike more like a walk but that sure changed real quick. 
so much fun! i don't remember what time we got there so i cant say for sure how long we were there for but it was a while. 
as always 100 pictures! (: 

gota love the panoramic shot!  ^^^
this picture was taken at the very top of the beginning of another trail we took, we made it aaaallll the way to the other side. basically everything you see, we walked. 
this would be me standing in the middle taking pictures of the water coming in. 
while we were, well i was cause he wasn't trying to get wet, get through, this family of 3 daughters and their dad made it across. they made it fine, the water was calm. no biggie. the dad helped me through and as soon as he let me go and i was standing on the rocks on my own, the water started coming in ridiculously crazy hard. i freaking panicked. SO BAD! i think even R saw it cause he (sorta) rushed over to help me. 
i didn't realize how afraid i was of water until that happened. i was freaking out SOO bad.  
this path was NOTHING but rocks!
I'd just like to say that i LOVED the sound the rocks made when the water was going back in. I've never heard it before and it was something new. looved it!
hiked it from one end to the other. doesnt seem like a mission but trust me, it was!
i had a flat rock that i was carrying with me the whole hike basically, once we got here i made a "wish" more like i just thought some things out and then threw them out with the rock in to the water to get rid of it all. (does that make sense? who's seen Dharma & Greg when she makes the bubble and then blows in to the universe? kinda like that) anyways, within 3 seconds of throwing the rock in, we could no longer see it. 
i cant even imagine how people go swimming in there (because they do!) the water was deep and the waves were, iduno, fast? very strong for sure. 
told ya we hiked it all. ;)

after the hike, we went to Redondo to go eat (where he bought me my own bottle of tapatio and if that doesn't say i like you then i DON'T KNOW what does lol) then he took me home and i met up with him and his brother and sister and some friends afterwards and we watched that UFC fight. 
after that we ended up at some random bar where the cover band was soo cool covering just about everything and i saw my fair share of cougars! (aaahhh!) never have i ever been in the presence of sooo many of them. we played pool, i lost and then we ended up eating Thai food at 2 am and back home to fall asleep while watching entourage. 
seriously one of the best all day dates ever!
this guy is something else! (: 

then Monique took me on another day date on Sunday but ill be back with more on that later....if i have anything to show for it which i don't, wait, yes i do!

thanks for stopping by. have a great week ahead of you! ;*

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