snapshot sunday

hi hi!
im still here! (: just a little late like always! 
life has been work, work, school and a boy. :D and yes you can bet i am typing this with a HUGE grin on my face! 
you know how they say things happen when you least expect it. yep. its 100% true. but more on that later. 

so, i work for KIA and KIA happens to be a Clippers sponsor. 
this particular day this lady showed up to buy a car (the one with the short hair.) she is apparently a huge clippers fan so she was all in to watching the game while she was trying to buy a car. 
blah blah blah she ended up buying the car because Moises brought out the Blake Griffin cardboard cutout we have to deliver her the paperwork she needed to sign to make a deal.
i was laughing soooo hard!!!
J O K E !!!
my sister and i at the SD Botanic Garden
i might have a post on that coming up. i duno. 
i look dumb but i LOVE this picture.
mom and i at Miguels
(dont mind the pimp rings she's wearing! >.< she was holding them for my sister)
whatever that cheese thing was, SO DELICIOUS!
said mr and i are going to SD soon so im definitely going back! 
old shoes // pants are TOO long // love this!
you cant see it clearly but his shirt says fuck and hes flippin ya off!
Venice date with Mon, Nelson & Ollie. 
found some random street art! (: 
Venice views. 
Long Beach views. 
we FINALLY got some more rain! <3 insert about 1354684654354135 heart eye emojis!!!
what the random? 
im a firm believer in "some people DO NOT belong in the kitchen" 
i am a perfect example. 
why am i holding this ice cream? 
because my dumbass burnt em moving a spoon. 
yep. i was boiling water and i forgot about it (the whole heat thing so the spoon MIGHT be hot thing) so i went to move the spoon so that IT WOULDNT GET hot and BOOM! 
its better now but wow! #fail
we've been finding her in this basket lately. 
i have no idea how she jumps in there but this is her home now. 
we have yet to spay her so she still gets her period. 
Chester who is neutered goes crazy and tries to hump her like crazy. 
sooo, we finally figured it out that she's in there so Chess will leave her alone. but he still waits by the side.
i told R (i dont want to put his name out there yet) my "i got dumped over a game of beer pong" story and so now he makes fun of me like crazy. 
we played our first game yesterday (followed by another one) and i lost both of em. 
"its okay hunny, i wont dump you." 
last night we were sposed to go see Mad Max (his pick not mine) and call it a night. 
instead, i arrive to his house Jack Johnson on blast, dinner set out for me and a beer ready to go!
he friggin cooked for me just cause i had a long day at work. ahhh!!!!!
he is a keeeper!
and then we played beer pong and i lost. lol 
he made me shrimp because he had overheard me tell my brother he could eat the ones my mom had saved for me. lol 
this one so far is good. (: 
ill keep him around for a bit! ;)

thanks for stopping by!
have a great rest of your week! <3

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