the girl on the train by paula hawkins

published: 2015 // 323 pages
isbn: 978-1-59463-412-3
read: 4/18-24/2015

i literally just finished this book and i couldn't wait (not that i ever really do) to post it!
holy smokes!

love love LOVE it!
i think I've been reading YA a little too much cause this book had me all sorts of everywhere emotionally in a very different way. 

have you read this? 
i keep hearing that its very similar to Gone Girl but i honestly cannot compare them since i have yet to read the book / watch the movie but i think that's going to be my next library check out. 

any who, lets get to it. 

The Girl on the Train (review from Amazon)

The “girl on the train” is Rachel, who commutes into London and back each day, rolling past the backyard of a happy-looking couple she names Jess and Jason. Then one day Rachel sees “Jess” kissing another man. The day after that, Jess goes missing. The story is told from three character’s not-to-be-trusted perspectives: Rachel, who mourns the loss of her former life with the help of canned gin and tonics; Megan (aka Jess); and Anna, Rachel’s ex-husband’s wife, who happens to be Jess/Megan’s neighbor. Rachel’s voyeuristic yearning for the seemingly idyllic life of Jess and Jason lures her closer and closer to the investigation into Jess/Megan’s disappearance, and closer to a deeper understanding of who she really is. And who she isn’t. This is a book to be devoured. -Neal Thompson

now, let me SPOIL it for you cause ahhh!!!!

Tom left Rachel for Anna because basically she was an alcoholic and treated him like crap. they were trying to get pregnant but the IVF treatment didn't hold and basically Anna lost it. 
she went crazy and he eventually strayed and had an affair. 
they divorce, he marries Anna they have a kid and Rachel, well being the alcoholic that she was still goes around to where they live. harassing them so to speak. trying to win him back. 

"I will never begrudge him happiness - I only wish it could be with me." - Rachel

Anna wants to leave badly but Tom always tells her that he's got control of it and that she isn't harmful at all. it never really crossed my mind to think why he thought that until the end. 

Scott and Megan. 
married and in love but she strays. and he knows and he tries to trust her but ya know. 

every day from the train, Rachel can see them being happy and in love until the one day she sees Megan being happy with another man and it drives her crazy. 

long story sorta short...Megan winds up dead and no one knows how or why she died. 
of course because of their history everyone thinks its her husband. because of what Rachel saw, they drag her therapist in to the situation but he gets away scott free (hey hey! no pun intended there!) 

lets make a long story shorter....again.....
if you've read this far and still want to turn back YOU CAN!!!!!!

Tom kills Megan. 
they had hired Megan to help care for their daughter a couple hours a day and it started from there. 
while i am spoiling all of this away, i haven't completely thrown it all out there (cause whats the fun in that?) buuuuuut, they started having an affair and what happens with Anna is what Megan eventually wants. 
she lets him know that because of their affair she is pregnant and while i don't think he meant to kill her (i mean like he obviously didn't plan it. at least not for it to happen then), he kills her. he hits her with a rock and i think she still had some fight in her but he finishes her off. 

no one would have suspected it. he would have gotten away with it but Rachel starts remembering things then, she finally connects the dots and boom!
the reason she couldn't ever remember being the "crazy" one ever was because she never was. 
Tom was this psycho, complete control freak. he'd go abusive on Rachel and while she was already drinking because of the failed pregnancy, this just drove her more to it. besides being a complete psycho i guess he kept her around for fear or her remembering something and turning him in. 

tsk tsk tsk. 
everything always comes to the light. 


i gave away like the one huge thing yes. BUT, i did not completely spill it all out. 
there's still some stuff i left out. 

i don't think I've done this in a while but I'm DEFINITELY recommending this book! 
go get it from the library, borrow it, buy it. if ya don't like it you can sell it to me and ill paypal you lol!

have you read this book? 
what did you think? 

thanks for stopping by
have a good Saturday.

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