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its been a while since i've done one of these. yikes!
so i had the Kimbra show this past week and wooah! 
its rare (to me anyways) that the opening act can be SO MIND BLOWING that you buy their cd right there from the merch booth on the spot and you swear to yourself that you will catch them any and every time they are around!

this guy blew my miiind!!!
so so good live!
YouTube, facebook, instagram him. eveeerything!

first off, he came out in the best mustard velvet jacket coat kinda jacket thing and it was seriously the best ever!
his voice!, he reminds me of Jason Mraz-ish with some One Republic mixed in there but soulful and spunky on his own. 
just great!

Time is my absolute favorite song. 
he closed the show with Smile and it was just all around amazing energy. U is another good song!
also, this would explain a lot on why he covered said song! good looking out Rhi! Ri? Rih? idk, whatever. (we have the same scar on our upper lip!!!)

seriously, check him out as soon as you can!
another bonus? (i havent confirmed yet!) hes playing music for, ahh i hear this as i type it actually, yep. on Papertowns!!! (if you don't know about Papertowns, i cant help you meng!) 

seriously, check him out. 
let me know what you think!

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