Snapshot Sunday //13

hey guys!
thanks for hanging around with my spotty posting. 
some weeks i post every day, others I'm like meh and i don't post anything. 
Ive been stuck in this weird, i wouldn't call it a rut, but i don't know. 
sometimes its just best to be quiet and have some peace to yourself. 

if it helps, this Thursday, im seeing Kimbra again! and this is my weekend off so yaaay!!!

look at that chicken leg! 
ugh! I LOVE HER!!!!
forcing her to cuddle! <3
my sister picked me up from work (btw, its nice to be driven around for once) and Chester has to sit on her lap like our life's didn't depend on her getting us home safe. 
last week after i got the call and i went to go get the rest of my stuff, i saw this billboard on the freeway. its was a nice pick me up! (@thrashbird13)

i haven't done a street art post in forever! if my sister is off this weekend, IMO making her take me to Venice! 
jay bought me this cup for my birthday and i just realized how pretty it makes my drinks look!
there's a detachable penguin globe inside which is why it gives it that effect. 
yes, i already own all the harry potter books in a box set but i saw these in Target and mega heart eyes emoji!!!!
creepin at work with Mon. 
celebrating my brothers birthday!!! <3 <3 <3 
we get this ice cream cake for everyone. soooo goood!
this baby turned a year last week!!!!! cant believe I've been answering for a year. you might have noticed i stopped posting a a little bit shy of a year but it was just aahhh!!!
(if ya wanna look back, you can here!)
my sister went to Comicon out here in Anaheim and got me these buttons!!!
love em!

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