hello august!

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sorry im late!
but for some reason my blogger app is still acting up on my phone. I've tried uploading this darn picture for a good minute now and it wouldn't budge so i was thisclose to giving up. then i uploaded another picture and it worked so i thought id give it another shot...so here we are yaaay!
anyways, you don't care about this nonsense so lets skip it. 

its AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!
August 5th to be exact. how.in.the.hell.
maybe time always flies this fast and we just never really noticed it. but then it cant be because the other adults never said anything. or maybe i was too busy being a kid (or sleeping) to hear it. 

hhmmm...a few things here and there but mostly it was a quiet month. actually ive been missing because its been sorta quiet. 
its just been work, work and boyfriend. 
im not even on here on Sunday's and truthfully im kinda over it. 
im not taking pictures as often as i should. im going through a non-blogging phase and im not feeling bad about it, i just don't want to disappear from here ya know. 
so for now i think ill just stick to what i read (which was always the point of this blog anyways!) but still ill check in from time to time and hopefully ill snap out of this funk and be back for reals!!!

but still....this month is a bit exciting....mom's bday! and i have (finally) Jill Scott in Vegas!!!! im sooo excited for that. thats on a Thursday and that Friday, we will be watching The Beatles cirque du soleil and  i cant wait! (happy 2 months to us!) 
i just finished a book and im writing up the post so thats coming up real soon!

thanks for sticking around those of you that have. 
i love you very much!!!

have a great August!!! :)

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  1. I am feeling the same way about blogging. Maybe it’s the end of the summer blues and we want to enjoy the summer as much as possible before it ends! haha.



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