Hello August!

picture from Yosemite's Facebook account

its here! its August!
i loooove this time of year. from here on out its the best. 
except that now its a million degrees and it hasnt rained in forever so i might have to move that love a little down the year line to when its cold. 

usually the picture i chose has to do something with the month and for August i was kind of having some trouble picking something then i thought "August is my mothers birthday month...Yosemite reminds me of my mom!" so BOOM!

why you ask? 
well, my little brother is 10 years younger than me and when i was i think 11 (or 12) and he was 1 (or 2) i remember this day (of many) super clearly (isnt it funny that i can remember every little detail of my childhood but ask me what i just did last week and I've already forgotten!) 
any who, back when i was a little kid we would go camping at Yosemite Park ALL THE TIME. every year without a miss. 
so this one year when my cutesie little brother went with us (his first time), i remember that our uncle had taken us to this small little lake with its own...how to describe it, hmm area that had a rock you could jump off of to go swimming. 
anyways, the walk down to the place was this sort of narrow hiking path and everyone, even the little kids, had to carry something with them so the adults wouldn't make several trips up and down for eveything. so anyways (a lot of anyways here!) i remember walking down in front of my mom while i was carrying my stuff. at one point i turned around and i saw my mom carrying her share of our junk while tyring to help my little brother walk down the path. 

i dont know why but THAT was the moment i realized my mom was (is) A MOM. 
yea she had been a mother to me for 10 years and to my sister for 7 years but that's when it hit me!
i looked at her trying to handle everything she was carrying all the while helping my little red cheeked brother walk down the path and that's when it hit me "this woman is a mother!!! (and shes mine too. smiley face!!)"

i love that memory!
and that's why Yosemite ='s my mother! (: 

its been a while since i have been back. we haven't been back together as a family in several years. 
at least i havent. 
my uncle has taken his immediate family here and there. 
i miss those trips. 
my uncle would gather all the boys (teens) at like 4 am and take them on a hike. in the freezing cold. and make them jump in to freezing lakes to, i don't know, prove their manhood or something but they never said no and they always had a blast!!!
and actually now that i think about it, its time for the new batch of teens to go because my brother has not been and hes definitely overdue for his turn now.

i remember going on hikes and seeing bear paw prints and instantly blowing my face up juuuuust in case a bear showed up; then i would be ready to take on that bear!!!

good times. 

ive been wanting to go back but i never made it happen when i had someone to go with. 
but hey!, everything happens for a reason. 
maybe i can plan a trip for sometime next year so we can all stay in a cabin. cousins, family and or friends! the more the merrier because every time we went we always legit camped in a tent. cabin homes for us? pffft not the Amaya way to do it!

i just read that Yosemite is actually closed right now due to a fire! :( 
i hope everything gets taken care of as soon as possible and that the firefighters (and everyone else handling that situation) can get out safely. 
thanks for your work guys. 

well, that was my welcome August! 
i cant wait to see what this month has in store!
you know, other than my momma's birfday and FYF Fest!!!! 
im FINALLY going to see the Strokes!!!!
ahhh!!!!! after lovin on 'em for years since their first album I'm finally going to see them. 
and tonight i have Arcade Fire with J. 

August is off to a great start!!!!

have a kick ass month!
thanks for reading! <3

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