Snapshot Sunday {230-236}

i think i have my idea for next  years snapshot Sunday series. lets just hope i remember because i have not written it down and well...I'm just lazy at this moment! 
lets get started! (: 

230 // 
saw my first Banksy in DTLA.
apparently its been up for years! im just happy i got to catch it! 
231 // 
running last week to this gloomy weather was the best!!!
California, i love you, but PLEASE  give us some rain!!!
232 // 
better yet, who doesnt!? 
233 // 
blaze it pizza in the new azalea shopping center opened up this past Friday but they  had a soft opening that previous Wednesday. 
EVERYTHING was freeeee!!!!
but when we got there it was just piksa and drinks. they had ran out of salad and smores desert! 
234 //
doggy jail!!!!
TOO bad she already made a hole in it! ._.
thats what i get for trying to not be mean and get her a steel crate!
235 // 
this is happening!!!
i. love. GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!
ive been avoiding re-watching the seasons because i get so attached but i caved and i love it. 
im still in season one but holy smokes so much has already happened! and then i remember whats still to happen and i get all excited!!!
ahhh! (get a life les!) 
236 //
i mean come on!
and the fact that she's cuddling with her little hippo!!!! eeekk!

FYF fest day 1 down. 
day 2 here we go (just waiting on Jonathan!) 
im FINALLY going to see The Strokes. 
you have NO idea how happy and excited i am! after so many years.....FINALLY!!!!!!!
im hoping to get close, like up front close,  but im not holding my long as i get pretty close thats all that matters!!!!

thanks for reading! :*
have a good rest of your weekend. 

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  1. That pizza looks amazing! And what a cute little dog:)


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