Snapshot Sunday {216-222}

im currently in love with the vsco app!
i love the black and white. i love it all! 
i wonder why it took me so long.

yesterday my cousin Marilyn married her high school sweetheart and we all had a blast at their wedding. 
vera and i got a little bit drunk (read: alota bit!) it was sooo much fun to be with family!
just thinking about it gets me laughing!
"whats up dog with a blog!" - my cousin Edwin. 
(mind you i think thats a kids cartoon show!) 

when they cut and passed out the cake i was dancing so i didnt get a piece. 
as i was walking by his table i saw a plate next to his and i started eating the cake. 
"no no nooo!!! thats ceci's!" (his wife.) 
"oh well" i said, "shes dancing!!!"  and i took like 2 bites. 
man, he looked super worried. 
i love how he knows NOT to mess with his wife's food. 

see for roslyn's birthday bash i accidentally dropped her plate of food. 
according to Edwin, you can mess up her hair, you can step on her when you're dancing but you NEVER mess with her food. 
strike 2!
the 3rd strike better be worth it because i know her wrath is to be feared! lol!!!

last night was a great night! 
i love my family. 

k lets get started! :*

216 //
date night movie night with monique!
she would get mad that i paid for her lol! its all good it was only $3
this movie was HIGHLARIOUS!!!
i dont know what i would do if some one cost my ass $50.000 
i think i would beyond cry. for like forever
217 //
speaking of said monique. 
hang out night at Carinos on Wednesday night. 
she went to catch the Angels game and i went to eat 55c wings and some fries. 
218 //
this was the whole reason i went to ikea. to buy a cork board. but they didnt have any. 
i took my bro back to school shopping and i scored this babe at target for $8.99 
woohoo! i cant wait to put it up in my new room!!!
219 //
my work space. le sigh. 
its such a mess right now. 
and with billing currently going on....
soon enough it'll be clean. 
220 //
beautiful flowers at the market. 
i am my mother's child because i want them all! 
221 //
we got a Keurig at work. 
(most importantly, we got a NEW FANCY toaster!) 
any who, they were trying to explain to me the physics of using a keurig. 
they told me it was for everyone to use but that i would have to bring my own k-cup. 
i was like no worries because i dont drink coffee. 
i wont be using that thing!
whats a k-cup you ask? apparently its the little cup of coffee thing that you put IN the machine thing.
i thought it was like your own personal coffee cup. like a small one. something like this.
shows you how much i know about coffee.
and leslie fun fact #2398: i used to work at a Starbucks. i hated it!
222 //
i LOVED this movie!!!
im am NOT a comic book person. dont ask me anything because i will fail but i saw this movie and i loved it. did i have any idea why anything was going on....sorta (i mean its a movie...but i mean in reference to a comic book, no.) 
i saw the previews for this movie when i saw Capt. America 2 and i've wanted to see it since then solely because Rocket reminds me of chonchies, my dog. 
all i wanted to do while i saw this movie was go home and hug her!!!!
but overall, i loved it. i want to go see it again!
IMAX this time!!!
"who put the sticks up their butts?"
"i dont believe anyone is 100% an asshole."
"we are Kevin Bacon!"
ahh!!! i loved it alll!!
my favorite movie this year!!!

thanks for reading along. 
i just got home from some Pho (thanks franks!) and an oil change and im still hella tired from last night so im about to take a nap. 

have an awesome rest of your Sunday!
lets kick next weeks butt!

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