when it rains, it's pours. luckily, it only sprinkled!

my poor baby!! :(

you know that saying "you don't know what love is until you have your own kids."? well then if that's true, its going to be a while until i feel that because (never say never) but kids are definitely not in my foreseeable future. 

luckily, i have this little munchkin (and Chester) and my heart is beyond full of love like I've never known before.
those two aren't even my dogs, they belong to my sister, but everyone knows how much they mean to me. 

the day before yesterday, my sister told me she noticed chonch shaking but when i got home i didn't notice anything so we left it alone. 

yesterday, after ditching my run day to go to the DTLA Artwalk (i know, i know bad Les, but hey! look, everything happens for a reason!), i went home to wait for Jay & Andy so we could go and i noticed chonch was hiding under the table. nothing unusual since she always does that. 
i then decided I'd take her for a walk even though she never lasts with me but when i went to show her the leash (which she ALWAYS jumps all excited at) she just stayed there not moving at all. 
THEN i noticed her shaking. it wasn't so bad and then it got a bit more noticeable so i took her to the vet. 
once we got to the vet it was on another level but i think that was mostly out of fear because she knew where she was at. 

thankfully, everything is a-ok!!!!
turns out, she dislocated a disc in her back (or something like that!) 
my mom said she noticed she wasn't trying to jump on the bed as much and i guess know we know it was all the pain. (she originally blamed Chester because he's very territorial) 
they gave her shots to help ease the pain and medication to continue easing the pain. 
she cant move around as much and we have to prevent her from jumping up and down and all around and we gotta carry her like a baby! (which i personally dont mind because i love snuggling her) but its kinda hard to keep her locked up in one spot so i bought her a fancy doggy crate to keep her locked up for basically the next month. 

the thing is, wanna know how we all think she messed up her back? 
by humping the ginormous bear i took home!
about a month ago i saw a bear on the side of the street and i took it home so she could hump it like crazy. why did i think of that? i don't know. because she's always humping pillows at home. save a pillow take a bear home ya know. 
apparently she was humping it all.the.time! 
and that's what broke the camels back. 

i didn't ask at the vet if it was because of age or what but she did say that its a common issue in little dogs as they get older. so i don't know, it could have been something else. 
but since my baby is okay, we'll stick to the bear story because, well you need a little bit of laughter in everything...and how many people can say that? (what if its an epidemic-ish?!)

of course my mom would use this bear humping dilemma as a lesson that "having too much sex is bad for you!" -.-
go mom! ._.

I'm just glad chonch is okay!!!
also, we need to get her doggy insurance but i don't even know where to start. 
thankfully i have care credit so her bill (although kinda up there but not super pricey) will at least be interest free! 3 cheers for that. 

any ideas? 
please let me know!

thanks for reading. 
(and keep gigantic bears AWAY from your dogs!) 
update: im glad i waited to post this because my mom just told me she took chonch out to go to the restroom and as soon as feet hit the ground, she was looking for the bear. like frantically.
think dave chapelle as Tyrone Biggums
all over the place!  
love it!

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