Snapshot Sunday {209-215}

im late but im here! 
i know, i missed ya too! 

today i woke up at 1 pm (!!!!) i havent done that in a while. we went to have family lunch, i went to the movies with monique (think like a man too...HIGHLARIOUS!!!!) and then i had a drink with my fren chonch!
it was a busy sunday and i LOVED it. 

actually this whole weekend was the best!
from friday with J at the concert (all of 2 pics coming up soon!) to meeting up with Mon and partying it up anarchy library to dowtown fullerton with mon, esme & karen! to today!
best weekend in a long while! (: 

lets get started

209 //
this is what my passenger car seat looks like. my bag. my water bottle (that i got at U R ART Festival) it comes in handy because im drinking even more water now and i use it for when i go running as well!
my bag with my running clothes. 
my camera!
and every payday, my "accounting" book. 
i dont mess around when it comes to bills!
210 //
took this fur ball to get his nails clipped. 
before you could hear him coming a mile away. it sounded like he had high heels. 
now, he's quiet as ever!
we dont know where hes at at all times. 
i tried taking a decent picture of him but in every single one he was sleeping lol.
211 //
friggin bumblebee!!!!!
this is my second bumblebeelovesyou (@bumblebeelovesyou on ig) mural that i see. 
and this one is in Downey where the artist is originally is from. 
i geeked out so HARD!!!!!
jonathan told me to shut up lol since he'd seen it several times because its been up there for so long!
funny thing is, frank and i eat at the sushi spot right around the corner!
i was in heaven i loooove it!
212 //
my mail swap from new zealand came in!!!!
danielle got me stickers, cute washi tape and some chocolates!
super cute!!!
213 // 
i am in LOVE with this yellow nail polish .
usually im a pink or purple for toes kind of gal buuuut i merged out and got red and several other colors. 
this yellow though, this yellow has my heart. 
i think its going to be around for a while....and i need to go buy another bottle!
and those sandals! i got them at target about a year ago so this specific design is no longer available but the style, i believe they come out with them every summer. ive seen some super cute ones!
214 // 
still diggin Kara's selfie motto. 
hurry up Sept 22!!!!!
i want fall here NOW!!!
215 // 
fullerton or as i call it fullerskank with the girls. 
mon // karen // esme // i
"leslie, dont you want to come out in the picture?" -mon
"Nah, i like only having one 1/2 showing!" -me
(and for the record, this blurry picture was taken with an iPhone. had it been my phone, well you'd be able to see us lol) 

great weekend! (: 
back to work tomorrow. 
lets kick this week's butt!!!! 
thanks for reading! :*


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