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washi tape for the win!!!
ideas, ideas, ideeeass!!
and some more!
DIY pixel painting
oooh la la
make your own pixelated art
Print giant photo art at home! (click through for tutorial)
at this moment in my life i dont think i need any more beautiful wall art
but this DIY is definitely calling my name!!!
DIY edible confetti |
edible confetti

homemade doggy treats! (:
Hello Sunshine!
more diy candy bags!
Revelers dance in their pajamas at Morning Gloryville in London in January. The nightclub, which holds a rave once a month beginning at 6:30 a.m., has inspired morning raves in a number of other cities around the world.
i would LOVE to go to a rave like this!!!

if i EVER make it back to new can find me in these places
maybe for my 30th birthday!
if i could travel ANYWHERE in the world and i mean anywhere, believe it or not it'd be new york. 
central park has my heart ever since i walked by. 
i miss you new york!!!!
pom pom bouquets - photo by Lara Hotz
when i get married, i want a wedding like this!
DIY Photobooth Strip Scrapbook
i love everything about this!
DIY photo booth strip scrapbook! (say that fast 5 times!) 
i love the project life concept but old school scrap booking will always have my heart!

thanks for surfin' with me! 

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  1. such pretty inspirations! thanks for sharing!


thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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