Snapshot Sunday {223-229}

laundry is done. room is clean. tummy is fed and Gilmore Girls is on. 
from season 1 to 7! woohoo!...well im working on it. 

oh!, and chonch just made a hole in her brand new thingamabober that i just got her. 
thats what i get for trying to be nice and NOT get her a real friggin crate. 
well that bit me in the butt. 

oh well, lets do this Sunday!

223 //
a// my happy jar! i carried this jar with me everywhere for like a month while i was getting some snail mail ready.  i all of a sudden have so much washi tape that i had to get another jar JUST for washi tape. i loooove it! 
b // my instax camera!!! (: 
i have soooo much film its ridiculous! i have no idea what to use it on. my cousin Eve bought some for her birthday and i bought some to go to disneyland which didnt happen. 
were going to the LA fair next month so im using it there. and im taking my fancier camera. caaaant waaaiiit!!!!
224 //
the babe. 
chester is suuuch a cutie!!!
(but he looks a little too red here)
225 //
the super moon or mega moon whatever its called moon. it was awesome!
beautifully awesome. 
226 //
said bear that caused said accident!
this is her in action actually. 
oh man, this dog will be the death of me. 
227 //
im an easy gal to please. 
case in point: this pen!!! i LOVE this pen. 
i actually had another one that died and i was so bummed i told my coworker that i had stolen it and that i wanted another one. 
took her several months but yaaaayy!!!!
228 //
Friday, i was craving an avogobble so i took my mom to norms!
she, of course, as always gets a steak. 
i was so oo full by the time i got my plate. 
clam chowder soup got me sooo fuull!
229 //
my hair has a mind of its own. 
one strand here, one bump there. its finally getting long!!! and of course im thinking i want an elongated bob cut. but alas! i will not! grow hair grow!!!

time for a homemade mani.
more  Gilmore Girls and maybe a nap! (: 

thanks for reading! (: 
have a great rest of your weekend and lets kick this weeks butt! 
and just so you know, this time next week, ill be at fyf fest! #eeeeeek!


  1. I really want an insta camera! But I would be like you and not want to use the film or waste it!

    1. you should totally get it!!!!
      its sooo much fun!
      i just bought all that film for a trip that didnt happen and a party we didnt really use em for. but its so much fun!
      keep an eye out on amazon! i got this one on sale....and they also sell them at Michaels too! im not sure if you have one out in NC but trust me! they're the cutest thing ever!
      ill be sending some pictures over! (:


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