Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and other concerns) by Mindy Kaling

all sorts of other info that i did not track. 

i know this book has been out for a while (11/13 i believe) but it wasn't until Andy dragged me in to a Barnes & Noble and i saw the $15.00 tag that i wanted to read it. 
of course, i grabbed it on my nook for $4.99 so muahhahaha. find a way to beat the system. always.  (although im sure i could have paid NOTHING at the library so i guess, find one of many loopholes that works for you!)

i liked this book a lot!
im actually surprised because i stopped watching the office after they got "bought out" and they merged with that printer company or something and i dont really care for the Mindy show (even though ive heard a lot of people say its good.)

i started reading this book once i finished my last one but i took the super slow approach with this one and took my time. im glad i did because i got to enjoy it.  the only downside is, my goldfish span of a memory. luckily, i can bookmark everything in my nook! :D

this book basically just chronicles some of her life's stories; from college, to how she got started and how she's made it. 

ill leave you with some of my favorite parts. 
  • i myself love eating and while i would love to be in a fitter mode (does that make sense?) im happy...ish with my body. it has its days but i know that i am responsible for how i look and if i truly wanted to look better, healthier, whatever-er...its all up to me to do it! so when i read this, i knew i loved her.
    • "ultimately, the main reasons why i will be chubby for life (which lets face it!, shes not!) are 1).... 2)....3)....and 4) im pretty happy with the way i look, so long as i dont break a beach chair."  page 23 (in ebook format ) hahaha! thats my goal too!!!!
    • growing up myself i was a fan of both nsync AND the backstreet boys! (man, we had it hella good! kids these days will never know!) but it was always nsync when it came it down to it. her argument on what nsync dude she'd marry is the best! 
      • "...after long deliberation, the answer was always J.C. Chasez. Joey Fatone's last name was going to be "Fat One" no matter how great he was, and even though they didnt know it at their age that Lance Bass was gay outright, they sensed that he'd make a better good friend and confidante. As for Justin Timberlake, well, JT was the coolest and the hottest, but too flashy, so we couldnt trust him to be faithful. JC was the smartest compromise."  page 66.  talk about calculating things correctly. algebra is good afterall!
    • you know you're a dope ass baby sitter when kids cover for you!
      • "mommy wanted to know who ate all the turtle-shaped bagel pizzas and i knew it was you but i lied and said it was me." She burst in to tears. i hugged her and told her, "you can never tell the truth." and then i let her stay up an extra hour watching Lizzie McGuire. pg 67. kids that are willing to cover your ass are golden. or a big shaboooom waiting to happen. itll come back and bite ya in the butt. ive learned that with my siblings. 
    • she talks about riding the metro to work and taking the crappy one because the fancy one requires a mean o' mission. while on the metro with her coworker they make rape-y jokes (read it before you judge cus it wasnt in that context) one of the managers over hears. basically she gets a town car to pick her and her coworker and take her to and from work / home. but what i found funny was that she had no shame throwing her coworker under the bus when they got called in before they realized they scored. "you can fire Rachel and keep me! im a minority!" page. 76 NO SHAME!!!! (id probably do the same.)
    • the chapter called Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities.  everything in that chapter, she nails it. 
      • i can borrow all your clothes  
        •  her guidelines for borrowing is correct!
      • we sleep in the same bed 
        •  i love cuddling! but i dont do it with friends.....unless its hella cold and i live in california so you know that doesnt happen. often. 
      • i can ditch you within reason 
        •  look frens, i love you buuuut if theres a chance im gettin' some, as long as youre safe, IM GETTIN SOME!!!
      • i will keep your favorite feminine hygene product at my house. 
        • lol what!? 
      • i will try to like your boyfriend 5 times. 
        • if i dont like the dude after 3 times, im out. you can date him. I dont have to. so good luck with that
      • i will hate and re-like people for you. 
        • im iffy on this one. if you hate someone thats your mess. im a lover not a fighter. i always chose right vs wrong. or at least logical. women are 100% crazy about 1983479872% of the time
      • its okay to take me for granted. 
        • if you meet a dude and fall in love i will always understand. but dont abuse it bitch! i was here before and lets face it ill probably be here long after. 
    • what is dating? what is hooking up!? 
      • "cant we have a universal understanding of the term, once and for all? from now on lets agree that hooking up = sex. everything else is "made out." page 144 bahahha. the fact that she's always lost on this subject several times through out the book is awesome. 
    • guys!, read the chapter labeled Guys Need to Do Almost Nothing to Be Great. if looking to ace life, she states it. clearly! and all you need is a peacoat and some chucks. which lets face it, i wouldnt argue that logic. guys in peacoats and chucks....HOT!
    • the chapter called Men and Boys. i agree with her 100% because im petrified of dating a "man" hell im petrified of dating at this moment in my life but i cant argue with her here. shes right!!!!
    • "Married people, it is up to you. Its entirely on your shoulders to keep this sinking institution afloat. Its a stately old ship, and lots of people, like me, want to get on board. Please be psyched, and convey that psychedness to us. And always remember: so many, many people are envious of what you have...."  page 173. i know i just said i am petrified but i definitely want to join this boat. i cannot effin wait!!!!

    this nook book was only $4.99 and 200 pages. not a bad deal. 
    pretty fast read and something you can knock out over a mini vacation or a weekend.  

    she talks about maybe writing another book and i hope she does. i love her humor. i love women that can laugh at life and have a great sense of humor without taking themselves super serious.  
    ....she also needs to hurry up and marry B.J. Novak and have some babies!

    let me know what ya think if you read it!
    thanks for reading!

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