The Sounds {#tbt}

are you the kind of person that haaaaates having a million pictures on your phone?
because i am.

luckily,  i have an android so i dont have to worry about memory space (haha suckas!...i have about 48 gbs worth of space!) but i stiiiill  hate seeing anything over 1000 pictures on any sort of folder. 
so last night, because i couldn't fall asleep, i decided to clean out my pictures. 

i had completely forgotten about these. well, not completely, i just, would remember and then forget. 
we (my cousin Vera & I) saw The Sounds back in March (!) and im barely posting about it now!
i thought "hey, its Thursday! what better day than today to post these since i completely forgot to the first time!" 
so here we are. 

i wasnt crazy about these pictures either. 
but then i remembered that i have the vsco app on my phone (which i might add, i paid $6 for because it came with a crap load of filters!) 
i seriously thought that was a waste of $$$ because when was i going to use it!? (i was mad because i DIDN'T know how to use it.)
well i learned how to use it (sounds kind of dumb but its true!) and even though i wasnt a fan of the before pictures, im definitely loooooving these black and white ones!

any who, enjoy the shortest concert / picture post i think ive ever posted!!! (: 

truthfully, im not a huge crazy fan of The Sounds. 
ive heard some stuff and i liked it but not like the people there who were moshing like there was no tomorrow!
i went because Vera dragged me which now that i think about it..uhm HEY! i never drag her to my shows! ggrrr!!!
but overall it was a good show. i just HATED the moshing! (this is where i learned i HATE it!)
i mean like its cool if you want to do it more power to you! but me personally no thanks. 

i actually went to a show with some chick Liz to the observatory before. it was for la pobreska i believe. we were in the same room and that day EVERYONE was moshing. there wasn't a safe corner. i was up against the wall at one of the vendor booths that one of the bands had left me in charge of. 
ive never hugged a wall so tight before. haha. 

we didnt get to stay the whole show because V's babysitting card had expired.
heres a tip: dont tell yo moms you're going down the street when you're going an hr away lol!

zanks for reading! 

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