Chandelier Tree // Silver Lake

Chandelier Tree in Silver lake

i know. i sorta went MIA after i said i had like 7 different posts buuut hear me out: 
a) i deleted 1, just 1 folder in my google+ thingamabober that had one picture from like 1975 and it deleted basically all of the pictures in my old posts (like Justin Timberlake, coachella, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, moms bday and some snapshot Sundays!) so that hella bummed me out. BUT there is always a bright side. all the pictures are somehow still saved in my google folders so, it'll take some time, but ill re-upload them. i did with Kimbra and well, the pictures came out even better so heeey! glass half full attitude over here.
b) for some reason blogger does not allow me (or anyone for that matter!) to flip pictures once they're pending on a blog post. stupid, i know buuut then i found out that i could just go through my Picasaweb album (glass half full!) and flip them there and boom! updated. (apparently once you upload a pic on to a blog post its automatically saved on to Picasaweb whether you end up using the picture on a blog post or not.) 
so when i uploaded these pictures....great! 
then a few came out sideways. i went to Picasa to flip em and of course they would update the website and now (at least to my knowledge!) its impossible to flip em! (exhausted face emoji) long story short you have to do it through google+ and so yea. 
the glass half full part: i got to edit pictures a bit more (and better to my untrained eye) because the original ones were way too dark. 
there's always an upside in everything as i always say! (:  

okay enough rambling (thanks for reading through all that if ya did. love ya lots! and if you have tips on how to restore that stuff....let me know!) 

i saw this video on the Dream California website and because its local i decided i needed to go check it out. i do live in a beautiful state and its time i get more in to it so i packed my camera and went for a nice little drive. 
 for some reason i thought it'd be inside their yard with a fence around it buts its actually out on the street so that was a good thing; easier access to take pictures. 

this tree has i think about 15- 20 chandeliers (i heard him say he's aiming for 30 if its not already at that number) so the owner//creator (its 2 guys that work on this. perfect team) set up a parking meter where you can actually drop in quarters to help out with the electricity bill cause you know that ones hefty.  i felt bad because i thought i didn't have any until i inspected my bag (hooray for big bags!) the only thing is, when i went to put them in it wasn't letting me so that sucked. i would have loved to contribute. 
thank you for sharing.
{{ i agree! }}
i had been waiting for someone (anyone actually) to go with but as always, everyone is always busy so i ended up going by myself. 
when i got there and took pictures of the meter, i looked down and i saw this little L on the floor. kinda like a little sign that i was supposed to be there by myself! (: 
ill take it!
as always, here are about another 100 pictures! take a peek and enjoy!
and if ya ever travel to see it, take me back with ya!
i didn't get to see it lit so I'd definitely would love to go back and see it lit up. 
you can google it but here's the address: 

2811 W. Silver Lake Dr. 
Los Angeles CA 90039

for the most part, you can see all the chandeliers in the tree. some are harder to spot than others. 
i was standing there just admiring the tree as people would run by me. 
who knew a tree could be so beautiful! (answer: EVERYONE! hello Yosemite alone!)

I'm definitely going back during a weekend so that i can maybe (hopefully) catch it lit. 
id love to see that. solo missions are the best!

thanks for reading!

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