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DIY Heart Banner
rainbow heart shaped garland!? 
yes please!
also, my first gif! (:  (i got it from studio diy....i have no idea how to make em! love that gal!)

im still lovin on this couple very much!
and after their tragedy its nice to see that they're finding things to be grateful for!
im still lovin Wendy as well!
i love her style!

denim on denim. 
i cant ever pull it off but im loving it here!
How to get beachy waves with a flat iron (click for tutorial)
beach waves how to
i always have trouble doing my hair like this.

i love you anne!
and i specially LOVE this post!

i LOVE swing sets. i really do. give me some gloves and i could swing for hours. and if you dont know why i'd need gloves, you need to go spend a couple of hours swinging.
but thiiis one above....eeekk....
here are 28 other extremely awesome photos!
how i wish!!!

i am the wolds biggest chicken sh*t.
at 26, i have yet to see the exorcist. paramorman scared me when the rats ran away. and i ran away from my room for 12 hours when i saw the ring girl hiding in the closet for the first time in the flashback scene at the funeral i believe.
but still!, id LOVE to go to all of these places!!! ahhh!!! all the pictures i would take!!!
(give a girl a camera and watch her go!)
DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas
what can Kelly NOT do!?
ah! i love these!
Haribo SUGAR FREE Classic Gummi Bears, 1 Lb
these reviews are killing me!!!
omg!!!! (currently crying of laughter!)
this is the video that prompted me to look up the reviews!!!

thanks for surfin the interwebs with me!
have a great week!

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