Echo Park Street Art

i just liked how this looked. 

on the way to see the Chandelier Tree, i stumbled upon some street art and knowing me by now, you know i had to stop and take some pictures. 

hop on over and take a look see! (: 

ha! even the fire hydrants are decorated. 
this was right in front of the tree. 
unless you're in to Scientology, don't bother. 
i saw it on the way up so on the way back i knew i had to get a picture of it!
i love how i caught the lights too. reminds me of that one Ashton Kutcher // Amanda Peet movie, A Lot Like Love.
fun leslie fact #45: i have NEVER seen the wizard of oz. 
i do however, really badly, want to see Wicked!
those lights! <3
remember school house rocks? 
wooh! i found this one on complete accident!

these last 2 remind me of Frank because he's on a quest to make me strangle him since he wont shut up about cats! ggrr!
that little chick is popular. ive seen it on IG i just cant remember the artist. 
(as always if you know, please let me know so i can list proper credit) 

this is probably the shortest picture post ever!
but ill one up it later! ;)
fyf was this past weekend and believe it or not, i didn't take many pictures. 
by the end of night 1 i still had my battery at 80-90 % charge. 
and for The Strokes....well, ill talk about it coming up. (spoiler: AMAZING!!!)

thanks for looking! 
im excited to go back to school today (lets see how long that lasts!) 

have a good rest of your week! :*


  1. That's some great street art! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. thank you!
      keep checking back daily. ill try to add as more as i can!

      thanks for reading!


thanks for taking the time to read my blog. (:

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