A Beautiful Mess // Happy Handmade Home

published: 2014
read in like an hour!
red nail polish!

i waited, it arrived and i've read it!
i actually went through it at work. 

i love that a lot of the pictures (at least to me) remind me of an Ikea catalog with the blurry people in a beautiful organized place. 

i loved a lot of the ideas in the book and i've tabbed several myself that i would love to try in my soon to move in to room but if im being honest, i wish they had more diy's, more detailed ones. 
its a lot of photography in this book and while a lot of ideas are very easy to grasp i wouldve love to see more in depth stuff. 

either way, i love it and i cant wait to get started on those few that i did like and blog about em here!
i love these galls and their blog! theres nothing these ladies wont put out that i wont want to have for myself! (hurry up Emma and release a cook book!!!! or an e course!) 

thanks for reading!

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