Happy Birthday Mom! ♡

happy {now late} birthday momma!
im soo bummed i lost all of last years pictures. 
thats what i get for deleting ONE album off my google+ that thing is possessed.
anyways, this Saturday we celebrated my moms birthday by getting her a cake at midnight (that included breaking and entering in to the bakery for frosting), dinner at El Torito along with a trip to Morango Casino at 12am and a bbq on Sunday. talk about aweekend long celebration! 

as always, she has to hold her baby Chester with her and he could care less. 
"how are we going to get a message on the cake when the bakery is closed?'
"dont trip bro. i got this!" -sister. 
very confident in her breaking and entering. 
decorated by moi. 
hire me! ;)

since forever my mom has wanted me to take her to a casino. i personally do not believe in them because I'm already broke as it is so why push it but she wanted to go for her birthday so being the great daughter that i am, i took her.

it ended up being my mom, sister, tessie and Claudia. 
the drive out there at 1130 pm at night....woah!
traffic on the 91 was so bad towards riverside we finally got off as soon we could and we took a detour. and because i had never been there before i wasnt aware that we were supposed to drive through pitch black mountains. 
that part was a bit scary but we got there all in one piece. 
i know i had said earlier on my facebook that i wanted to see some stars but woah not like that. 
it was a nice little long drive though i will say that. 

my mom busted out her mean o' change bag and we all went to the casino with sandwich bags full of change (it ended up being for me was $13.85). all in all i lost 20!
that's more than enough for me. 

we chose Morango casino since its 18 and older so my sister could go...and its safe to say she's addicted. 
were planning on going back for her birthday but well see. 

here's to another year mom!
50 has never looked better. 
and next year (at her request) we start backwards!

thanks for reading!

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