thoughts on a tuesday

my brother started school again today and i have never been this happy in my life; my electricity bill is going to go waaaaay down. woohoo!!

i woke early which is odd since im hardly ever on time to work since he went on vacation. hooray for being a kick ass employee..kinda hard to fire the one person that does alota bit of everything. (lets make that a word! k thx!)

here are a few thoughts on a Tuesday: 
  • i have not been sleeping great so now of course my back is all messed up and i have to basically walk around and do anything like I'm Quasimodo. i don't even mind that. its not even the pain. its the discomfort. ahhh! VJ gave me some muscle relaxer pills so I'm going to go home after work, take the pill and pass out. this should say something because i do not believe in pills. you're body heals itself! (code for i don't have health insurance so i gotta suck it up. Obama care. pffft. I'm better off being unemployed if i wanted to even get that!)
  • speaking of health insurance: i must be growing up somewhat if I'm considering getting health insurance at work but at $220 a month i think ill wait til next year. i have bills to pay. and as the golden rules states, health insurance is one of those things you need when you DON'T have it and one of those things you RARELY use when you do. so i think I'm going to wait. i have aflac and dental so haaay! but maybe i should get vision? its only $6 a month. at least just to get checked out. hhhhmmm... (and yes i am aware youre thinking my logic is hella dumb...but lets be honest, its sorta right.)
  • 7 am is a little bit to early to have an epiphany i think. but hey!, it happens and its just what i needed. "it doesn't matter if it was a friendship or a relationship. when it ends your heart breaks. but remember that if life can remove someone you never dreamed of loosing, it can replace them with someone you never dreamed of having." via liz's ig. thanks for that!
  • my coworker just about lights up like a little kid during Christmas when i show up to work with a bag of bread. she says its the cutest thing ever. then she stuffs her face with donut holes and looses weight doing it. gotta love it! :)
  • I'm IN LOVE with the new Kimbra album. i cant wait to see her in October. TWICE!!! listen to her new album here! already pre-ordered my copy! also, what the heck is NPR and why am i barely looking in to it!? is this what grown ups also do!? whats next?! CNN?
  • aren't you excited for fall!!!??? i am! hello Halloween! the weird thing? my sister just snapchatted me a picture of pumpkins from target. we do that a lot. we're always thinking the same thing. always! it amazes me and then it creeps me out.
  • its always nice to get complimented at work! specially when you're getting in trouble. just happened actually.  ha! looks like my comment above just sorta bit me in the butt. 

i kinda like this...ill try to make it a more often kinda thing. 
that way i can look back and laugh at.
thanks for pondering with me!
have a great Tuesday!

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