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wood jewelry blocks_04
super cute idea to hang up jewelry!

such a babe!

LA to Vegas is a 4 hrs drive but whyyy not make it 9?
perfect considering im going pretty soon!!!
no-bake peanut butter and jelly cheesecakes |
ive been wanting to do something with chicken wire and i had forgotten about it until i saw this post but woah! this is such a neat idea....and you can change the colors to fit your style!
i love it!!!
chicken wire for the win!
Cloth Napkins and Placemats
hurry up room of mine so i can sew cute kitchen cloths!
my sewing machine needs a home!
DIY Woven Pencil Pouch
stop it!
probably the EASIEST diy ever!!!!
DIY Floral Crown
lets make some floral crowns!
(insert heart eyes emoji!)

congrats Keiko!!!!
quick, someone buy me the exact same pair she is wearing. no prescription.
please and thanks!!!! (insert heart eyes emoji!)

love everything about this post!

am i the only one that a) sees the weird stand in this picture? (although not not do-able (?) lol) and b) that these heels aint cute?
i do not believe in heels.
wedges ill do. maybe.
but heels? nope. never. no thanks.
these girls are smart though!

thanks for surfin' the web with me!

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  1. I love that jewelry block post idea! Would be perfect in my bathroom.


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