Arcade Fire

the reason for all the cash: when we got to the concert and they checked Jonathan in he pulled out like 75 wads of cash. the dude was like huh? and i was like, oh he's a male stripper. i just picked him up from work.
i thought id honor J in this post by taking picture of $$$ lol 
i have never wanted to thank myself for my yelling abilities more than i do now. 
ive been to plenty of shows, plenty of concerts and soon to be my 2nd festival and they have all been beautiful in their own way but man, this one. 
this was probably the prettiest concert i have ever been to. 
ill get to it. 
i won these tickets so i had free range to take anyone. i mean, usually you plan these things out you know, but for this concert i just posted on my facebook that i won tickets and my fren Jonathan had offered to buy the tickets from me. 
easy money easy money but nope!
i offered him the other ticket for free but i couldnt miss this concert. 
as always there are pictures but not as many. 
since we were sorta far, not super but not close enough to get good pictures, these are the only few i was able to take.
what the drink?
well i picked up J at like 6. he thought it was open doors by 630 so we had time to kill since the concert wasnt until 730. 
he was hungry i was hungry....where to go?
we drove up and down for like almost an hour looking for something to eat until he finally told me to look up a chili's. 
chili's had been right under our nose the entire tiiime. but like they say, everything happens for a reason. 
we had originally hit up a thai food place but 1) it had a b and that made him cringe (i guess you know a few things when youre in the restaurant business) and 2) it was Vietnamese place. even though it was called Thai Palace or something. 
so that reason: well we finally get to chili's sit in the bar and order drinks. i got a watermelon margarita that had actual watermelon chunks and he got a beer. i was almost done with my drink by the time he got his. we moved seats and we ended up meeting this lady there who, man, she was a character. 
i feel like ive already rambled on and i dont think its blog friendly for me to repeat the things she said so ill keep that to myself but she was highlarious. if only there was a way to check in with her. lol 
i will leave it with: 
"y'all are together?" -lady
"no" -j
"im working on him" -me
he laughs. 
"what are you guys doing out here?" -her
"were here for a concert." - J
"....and she brought you?" - her
"she doesnt have very many friends." - j
thanks dude! ._.

now for some pictures! (: 
member how i said it was pretty?
they had 2 huge confetti blasts and it was just sooo colorful and mesmerizing. i loved it. 
they also shut down all the lights and turned all the lights above us on. it was so freaking romantic....i just kept dancing lol. 
then they had those Christmas light strings on and it was just beautiful. 
i guess im a sucker for that. 
i loved it all!!!!
this is how far we truly were. 
now that i think about it we probably didnt even seat in the correct seats. 
there was no one there to guide so we just took the first seats within our section that we found haha. 
we would have definitely gotten closed if we could have. 
these dudes were AMAZING!!!
i knew more songs that i thought i did. i had a great night. 
show was over at 1045 i believe and they then had the place for anther hour so we could all dance on the floor. 
we wanted to stay for a bit, buuuut we ended up leaving and went bar hopping with Monique. 
catch these guys whenever you can!
trust meee!

thanks for reading! :*

ps: i found my second bumbleelovesyou in downey this same night. i geeked out SO hard!!! <3 great night afterall! ;)

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