Snapshot Sunday {237-243}

i. cannot. take. this. heat. anymore....and im in front of the fan with my hair up in shorts and a cut up shirt. 
please let it raiiiinnn!!!!

any who, looong weekend! and im sooooo thankful for that! i did a 12.5 hr shift yesterday and i was beat by the time i got home...but i didnt go to sleep til almost 1 am. i slept great!
i had a dream that i was wearing a cut up turtleneck and i felt like i was suffocating so i was trying real hard to take it off in my dream but every time i'd try to tug it, it would get tighter. finally i said screw it and i yanked it off. normal random dream right? 
apparently it translated to real life because i woke up without a shirt. lol. i knew i was doing it to myself while i was dreaming it (makes sense?) but i didnt care because it was so effin hot! gah! 
anyone live somewhere where its currently raining and cold? want to foster me for a week. i miss rain!! ill be quiet and i wont eat (your food anyways.) haha

lets get to it while i slowly meeelt!

237 //
yesterday after work, well actually, back it up. at work, while scanning i came up with the perfect happy birthday banner to make for my sister but i needed fringe scissors. i looked it up on amazon and they were $10. they actually went up. so i thought let me go to Michael's! 
boom! i got a 40% off coupon so i got these for $8 and change! woohooo! 
now i just need tape to create my masterpiece! (diy coming soon! well after October cus i dont want her to see.) i cant wait!!!
238 //
i love my keys!....erm accessories. 
i dont know about you but im not a huge fan of key chains. i mean i am but i HATE when people have 1 key and  3458738475 random key chains. but these 4! (: 

my wagaware charm: i LOVE dogs!!! love love looove em if you didnt already know. i found this organization that helps dogs. i actually found them on instagram and the other day they had a post where they had found a lot of puppies in a mill all mistreated and hurt and ugh! so they were selling their tag with all the proceeds heading to the mill to foster the puppies and clean them and nurture them back to a healthy state. 
for every tag you purchase, they donate %50 of the sales to help out dogs. they cost $16 and change with taxes included and shipping is free. 
i could have put it on my dogs collar but shes currently protesting it so i thought id wear it proudly on my key chain. support if you can! (: 

my Disneyland key chain: i love Disneyland but their stuff is ridiculously over priced. but when i saw this key chain I HAD TOO!!!! it comes with a  mickey key however, that thing friggin fell off like two days later so i just attached it higher. (see what i mean? i dont mind paying but if you're going to over charge then make sure your product is top notch!) either way i love it! best $8 ive ever spent!!!! i love seeing it on my key chain. 

my coachella kandi: (i hate that its spelled like that!) i got that at Coachella 13 when i gave some group of girls 2 waters and a gatorade, they were soooo dehydrated! they paid me $5 and then another girl of the group did that peace love unity thing and gave it to me! i was sooo happy!!!! since then, its been on my keys and i think it forever will be. 

wendys: cant beat a free jr frosty! got it for a dollar and it just keeps on giving! lol 
239 // 
did you guys ever pass around notes in high school shaped all sorts of different ways? 
i did!!! i went to go eat burgers with my brother last night (curse you Gilmore Girls) and i dont know why i got the sudden urge to see if i still remembered how to fold one. low and behold, i still got it. 
then i left it on the table while we ate and my brother noticed something. 
take a look and see if you spot it!*
240 // 
the lady that lives with us is out on vacation so im "house sitting" meaning id rather be in solitude in her place than in the mess that is my house at the moment. 
so nice to watch tv in peace. sleep in peace. have weird dreams (see above lol) in peace!!!
241 // 
i went to jacks and asked for no pickles no onions because i hate them. 
apparently that makes me a meat lover!
242 //
Thursday nights are Carino's night with the usual crew: monique, ollie, esme, tony, the 49's dude, i and this particular Thurs, karen. 
cant be $.25 c wings, $2 basket of fries and $5 margaritas. 
this Thursday was special though. i have never seen a group of people head scratch over how to split the bill as i hard as i did that night. and that poor waiter. on man! funny funny night!
243 //
do you believe in signs? im starting to think i do. the number 317 has been poppin up everywhere for me. 
and as we all know, the Simpsons marathons on FXX has been on for about a month now. 
the one and only time i tune in i catch the episode where RHCP comes out. what are the chances!?
i dont expect you to understand what this means and its okay i guess. we need a little mystery between us ;)
but seriously, these 2 things; make it happen or let it go. 
le sigh.

my new room is finally done so i have to go finish moving in. 
my mother has already threatened me that i need to go take care of that now or else i pay. 
soooo.....thanks for reading and enjoy your day off tomorrow if indeed you are off. 

thanks for reading! 
*it looks like a penis and its friends haha. 


  1. I'd adopt you but the sun has been shining since the weekend and I love it. I had enough of the cold winter and I'm ready for summer yeah! that scissor is a must have! I rarely see Martha Stewart products here so whenever I do, I always try and buy them. Have an awesome long weekend :)

    1. lol....awww thanks anyway! maybe next year if its still hot out here. i cant take it!!!!
      its interesting to see how people across the world deal with their arts and crafts stuff! you should have told me i would have gotten you things! (:

      does amazon ship out there?
      or what do you guys use?

    2. Hahaha amazon's a bit cray cray lol. Some things they ship, some things they don't. So I gotta filter each one every time. Ain't nobody got time for that. Hahaha! I haven't seen much here really. We have different, less known brands I think. Mostly from Aussie. lol. You know me, I'll never know I need/like it until I see one. Haha :P


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