Hello September!

i didn't forget...i was just in a "moving everything mode." 
I'm finally in my new room and while it still needs some little decoration here and there, I'm for the most part done. that and my brother decided to mess up the wi-fi so its not like i could have written this yesterday if i had had the time. 
way to go bro. 

"you know what really grinds my gears..." 
i HATE that everyone is saying "its such a bummer that summer is over!" 
uhm, newsflash!!!! summer's happenin' 'til 9/21. maybe its because they live in a part of the world where they get to experience all 4 season but i don't know...a lot of em are from California. i myself do not care for summer (because i live in California!) and cannot wait for fall. but you have 19 days left; enjoy them wisely instead of writing 'em off already. 

my sister bought my mom some flowers yesterday (the ones in the picture above) and they are sooo beautiful. im thinking of maybe making it a thing and getting some for my room. at least once a month. i know Home Depot has a beautiful selection around the holidays. 
i LOVE flowers or just recently discovered my love for them (thanks mom!) 

this month looks to be exciting! (: 
my mom, sister and i have a concert coming up + a road trip to Vegas. 
my grandmas and Tessie's birthday are both this month and all the cousins are planning a trip to the LA fair. that should be a lot of fun!!!
my sister and i also got 6 flags passes and im super excited for that!
i was actually protesting them because they got rid of my favorite ride, Colossus, but as it turns out...they're upgrading it!!! have you seen the video? ICANNOTWAAAIIITTT!!!!!
the first time we got passes we went literally every Saturday. we lived there! 
lets see how it goes this time...that drive adds up. 

i have to try and catch up on math and philosophy homework so i'm going to cut it short but thanks for reading!

happy September!!!!
lets make this month awesoome!!!
and i know, i know. but dang. its September already!!! where did August go!?
Halloween is all up in stores and im loving it!!!!

have a great day! (: 

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