Phantomgram {9/4/2014}

sometimes, great things happen when you least expect them (that's of course after you first sought them out and failed!) 

Thursday i was minding my own business getting ready to go to school pulling my hair out because as you know, you should always follow PEMDAS but apparently its left to right all the time (!!! ...rant over) when i got a message asking if i wanted 2 FREE tickets to the Phantogram show. 
uhm, yea, sure,  ill take them!. 

great things happen when you least expect them? 
i wanted to buy these tickets for a friend and surprise em with the tickets but low and behold they beat me to the punch and Thursday night they told me they couldn't make it so the tickets were mine!
woohoo! full circle. 

man, they put on an amazing show! really good live!
i'd like to call this the silhouette concert because all the pictures i caught are just that but i LOVE it!!!!
best pictures ever by far! 

here's  video of Fall in Love. its all over the place but i love it!
(and sorry its so tiny! i dont know how to make the video bigger but here it is on YouTube if you want to see it there!) 

they put on a really great show. they had an awesome light show going on hence all the silhouettes. im so glad i decided to go after i got out of class. literally the minute we walked in after getting the tickets scanned, they started. Jaydeen (oh, how i missed her!!!) got us drinks and we were hanging in the back by the door. we had a good view. but Jay somehow managed to get us wristbands for the pit!
one of the ambulance guys just came up to us and put wristbands on us so we could be closer. woohooo!!! free tickets and free upgrade to pit. winning all around!

pretty great Thursday night if i say so myself!
thanks for reading! have a great weekend!

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