Snapshot Sunday {244-250}

today is the best Sunday EVER!!!!
football season is back and my Pats are up by 10 in the 2nd quarter. (oh oh, they're catching up!) 
i love that i dont really know a lot about football but it sounds like i do. and let me tell you, i KNOW when to yell at the screen.   

lets get started! i woke up late so i didnt make it to work. guna see if i can get some work done at home. 
its like 90 degrees out but i want some soup which is ahh! since....
244 // 
you KNOW its going to be a good weekend when you have pho back to back! yum!
the first one was with Jay after the Phantogram show. she had never been and there was one on the corner so we went. i still owe her some proper pho though. see, ive been to 4 different restaurants now and by far my favorite, the 2nd picture, is my favorite spot. no other spot has ever came close to that one. its my favorite one and i  will always chose to go there. 
lets have a pho date? (: 
245 //
study date with my cousin Roslyn at Starbucks.
you can tell who's there to study and who's there to slack off. 
case in point: she got a venti ice coffee with an extra shot. i got a small frap. 
its crazy how packed it was for a Saturday night. 
i gotta take a moment to say this though: all you students out there studying to be a nurse, an rn, a cn, lvn and any other nurse related n's, deserve an award because i could not do what you do!
to see all the bed sores and diseases and blood and broken bones. gaaah! that takes guts! (pun sorta intended) 
246 // 
this semester im taking math. 815 math. like pre pre preeee algebra but i love that im doing homework at work on my lunch break and at work in general. i also love the attitude i have towards the class; im not letting myself fail. i love it!!! im honestly giving it my hair pulling all! i like this going back to school stuff!
247 //
 3 boards that i have diy'd (the diy is under the diy tab on my blog but all the pictures got deleted so yeah! sad face!) i loooove these guys!!!! the big stripped one in the back is my latest one. the one standing up in front of it has most of the tickets of stuff i did in 2013. the little one on the side has some of my 2014 stuff and all the movies stubs for the movies i have seen this year so far. i loooove this. 
248 // 
the first thing i moved in to the new room was my book collection. 
isnt she a beauty? <3 
249 //
proof that it was really hot last week? this one willingly gave herself up for a shower. 
(also, doesnt the shadow in the background remind you of this? lol!!!)
250 // 
caught this after leaving the Jose Rodolfo Loauza Ontiveros show at the Luz de Jesus art gallery. (you can see the pictures through that link but i will be posting about that in a bit.)
i had seen it the first time but didn't catch it til i went back with Monique. 
i  love finding stuff like this everywhere and im amazed at how good my phone camera is. go S5!

thanks for reading // viewing.
have a great rest of your Sunday!


  1. LOVE that DIY board!!! <3 Hope you had a great weekend :)

    1. thank you!
      im still hunting Anne down in to giving me hers! she know's how much i want it lol
      i finally slept in on Sunday so it was good! (:
      hope yours was great!


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